Reviews Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-Inch, 32GB Tablet (Black, SM-T820NZKAXAR)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-Inch, 32GB Tablet (Black, SM-T820NZKAXAR)

Do what you want when you want with the new Galaxy Tab S3, the tablet that redefines what you can do with one device. Whether you're working, playing, creating or gaming, the Galaxy Tab S3 is a blank canvas, a theater screen, and a productivity hub all in one.

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I waited quite a while before doing a review on my new Samsung tab S3 tablet. I wanted to give it at least a week of use in my office and in daily activities. I have had many tablets, including and using Microsoft tablets, the Samsung tab S2 8 and Samsung tab A 10.1 inch tablets.
I am a person who prefaces this review by noting that I am not a gamer. I use if for work, for e-mail correspondence, updating myself on new and current features, and also using Android apps. I need to be able to perform light editing on papers, interact with an online office system that allows access to a data base, and get access to multiple web sites without a problem. Also, I use my tablet to watch movies when I travel.
I tend to be a little OCD in my desire to read other reviews. I also am an editor of several publications, so I look at these reviews with an editor’s eye. I always try to figure out if their biased, or if they represent a view point that may not reflect my needs. That does not dismiss the other reviews, it merely points out that some people have different expectations and demands.
And, I dismiss outright any review from someone who has neither purchased nor used the item. You cannot evaluate a product on the basis of the specifications.
So, here is my opinion and finding;
1.) The screen is much brighter than the Tab S2. I have used it outside with a Phantom 4 drone. The S2 is almost useless in the sun. This one is absolutely more visible. The brightness based on critical reviews finds it one of the brightest screens, brighter than the Apple and second only to the Google Pixel C.
2.) The GPS is very sensitive. One of the reasons I didn’t choose the Google Pixel C is the google tablet has no GPS.
3.) I have not found any lag with any application. I have read the reviews about problems with certain games. I agree, they may not run as well on this processor as with the Apple. However, for me this is a non issue.
4.) Flawless video streaming from all services including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.
5.) I can connect to a office networking system using a Citrix receiver and not have delay or lag issues. With my Tab S2 the processor was inadequate to load the system. I have never had any Android system that would load the Citrix receiver and load the connection to the main system.
6.) Excellent and extremely stable and fast WIFI.
7.) The SD card does not load or hold all programs. The tablet is only 32gb of ram. However, having downloaded all of my prior Android apps, my photos (which do go to the SD card), and with daily use, I have over 19GB of storage.
8.) All downloaded files can be stored on the SD card
9.) I actually like the 8 inch Tab S2 as it fits in my jacket pocket. However, the added size of this tablet offsets the inconvenience. And, as phones get bigger, there isn’t much difference between my 6 inch phone display and my 8 inch tablet.
10.) I got the silver. It matches the cover and only the back is silver, the entire front is black. For those who have noted over and over about the black back being a fingerprint magnet, get the silver. There are no fingerprints to be seen on this color.

I also got the Keyboard, purchased separately at Best Buy as it was out of stock on Amazon.
I honestly think that there is an expectation by some to have tablet keyboard to be the best most wonderful keyboard in the world. It is functional and does a good job. It is for a tablet that is 9.7 inches and cannot be a full sized keyboard. Having had many tablet keyboards, including ones from Samsung, here is my opinion and update to correct or add previous information.
1.) When detaching the tablet, it turns off the tablet. Someone noted this was a disadvantage, claiming he/she then had to turn the tablet back on. I find this turn off function when taken out of the dock and advantage. I'm done with the task,remove the tablet, and it's off.
2.) The comment that it has no magnetic "off" contact when closing the cover does not happen on my cover. If the tablet is on and I put it in the keyboard cover and close it, it turns the tablet off.
When using the keyboard cover, place it in the dock, and it turns on the tablet. Remove the tablet, it turns off. Turn the tablet on while outside the cover, put it in the cover, close the cover, it turns the tablet off.
3.) It runs off the Tablet power. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have a keyboard need charging independently from the tablet. One less thing to have to charge.
.4.) The lack of blue tooth hook up, noted in another review is a plus. The direct connection eliminates the independent power need of the keyboard.
And, for anyone who has ever used a tablet blue tooth keyboard, the constant lost bluetooth connection and need to resync is a big problem.
5.) The keyboard has a nice feel
6.) The cover has a holder for the pen.
7.) I have not had the problem of the tablet sliding out of the cover. I have tried to reproduce the tablet sliding out, described by the other review. I have to either hard drop it into a knapsack, or smack it on the side. Maybe I'm more careful, or less abusive. In either case, in one week of daily use, the tablet has never slipped out of the case.

What the tablet keyboard is not, is a full sized keyboard. It is cramped. But the key detention and feel is good.

Remember, this is not a lap top or a full sized keyboard. It is for use with a 9.7 inch tablet. Big enough to be useful, too small for full productivity.

What it isn't is a big, comfortable keyboard. However, it functions perfectly without a hitch. No bluetooth delay or need to sync.

Someone noted the color. I got the silver Tab S3, the grey cover is perfect.

What I don't like is that It is kind of pricey.

I'm giving it five stars because honestly think it is about as good as any tablet keyboard I have had and does the job. I have read multiple criticisms on review sites. I do think many reviewers believe that applying an unrealistic standard and expectation to a device elevates the reviewer's standing among those who believe that every device must provide a quantum leap in technology. This is a tablet keyboard. It turns the device on when connect, off when disconnected, and off if the device is placed in the cover.

Ok, lots of words.
Short and sweet. Bright, light, fast, fully capable Android tablet. It meets my needs better than any other Android on the market. And for the people who point out the slightly brighter and faster Google Pixel C, remember, no GPS and it’s heavier.
The keyboard integrates perfectly and works.
If you want more processing power and more RAM, you need to go Apple. But, they have no SD card and you are stuck in the Apple system.
I give the entire system five stars. For the moment, although pricey, this is one of the best out there.

Update on 4/29/17
Many reviewers note that the tablet does not have a pen holder. There is one on the keyboard. I just got the yueton 5pcs Self-adhesive Leather Pen Holder with Elastic Loop for Notebooks, Journals, Planners and Calendars
yueton 5pcs Self-adhesive Leather Pen Holder with Elastic Loop for Notebooks, Journals, Planners and Calendars

Here's my review. It works very well.
I got the Samsung tab S3 with the pen. The cover has a pen holder, but the tablet does not.

What to do?

I got this and placed it on the tablet. Now, my tablet has a pen holder. It is the perfect size.

What don't i like, it would be nice if there was a color other than black, and the elastic holder for the pen is not totally flush to the leather making it a little "proud."

But, as they say, lots of bang for the buck. And easy to put on and use.

This is a great tablet. It is head and shoulders above the iPad mini that it replaced. (Which, by the way is no longer being supported by Apple). The Tab S3 is brighter and faster than the mini and has far better photo resolution. The only possible downside is the Tab S3's greater size and weight, but this is not enough to downgrade the tablet. Also, I have not used a stylus since my HP IPAQ. I consider the stylus with the S3 as a novelty, and not really necessary to the operation of he unit. My handwriting is terrible, so using the stylus to take notes would be counterproductive, and I have not had the need to do any drawing. However, the few times I have used the stylus (for typing) it worked flawlessly.

I purchased this tablet for reading my online journal subscriptions and taking hand-written notes at meetings. The tablet works very well for these purposes. The screen size and resolution makes reading these documents very easy (not to mention that it is a nice display for photos and videos). The overall form factor is convenient -- not too large and not too small. I especially like the built-in handwriting recognition function that works across all text apps on the tablet, including those provided by Samsung as well as other products such as a Microsoft Word. My handwritten notes (using the included S-pen) are instantly converted to text in my Word documents. The tablet works fine for all of the other usual functions such as reading email, accessing documents on my office network, taking photos, etc. This tablet is a good investment and serves my needs well.

I've been waiting for years to buy a tablet that has a pressure sensitive stylus that actually works well! I've been patient since I do have a 22-inch Wacom Cintiq at home--but I've been longing for a small tablet to take with me as a portable digital sketchbook. After trying the Galaxy Tab S3 in a local store I decided to buy it from Amazon since the accident protection warranties cost less.

The stylus that came with the tablet is good--but I did buy the Staedtler Noris Digital Samsung Pencil, EMR Technology, Yellow Black (GP-U999ERIPAAB) which is even better (at least for drawing). It feels very natural. One of the apps I like the best is Sketchbook. I have a subscription to it so I can use it on my Cintiq at home and on this tablet when I'm on the go!

I'm sure in a few more years something better will come out--but for now, I'm very happy with this tablet!

I needed to replace my 10-year old Dell laptop and I was torn over what to replace it with. I no longer need a laptop and secondary external display (I’m a retired IT project manager and no longer need multiple windows and extensive screen real estate to run PM software) so the choice was between a small desktop or a tablet. I opted for a tablet.

Since receiving my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 a month ago it seems like every day I find something new to like about it. Today, I connected a Dell Bluetooth mouse. It paired within seconds and voila, a mouse pointer appeared on the screen. Wicked cool! With a mouse and full-sized Dell Bluetooth keyboard, It now serves as my only computer.

So what else can I do on the S3? I typed this review in MS Word. I browse the web with Chrome. My Gmail account works flawlessly, not to mention all the Google apps including Calendar, Maps, Earth, Drive, Photos, etc. My two banking apps work just fine. There’s a version of my Password manager software (which I can’t live without) for Android. Additionally, free news apps from all the major news sources (some might call them “Fake News” but we won't go there!) are available for download in the Apps store. The Weather.GOV app, the National Weather Service’s app for Android, is even better than the Web version. And get this -- there’s even an app that lets me monitor the performance of my solar panels!

The S3 display is, in a word, stunning. Photos and videos seem to jump off the screen. One of these days I’ll transfer my music collection over to see how my PowerAmp app with graphic equalizer sounds on the built-in four speaker sound system. I think I already know because the audio from NetFlix and Hulu sounds clear and balanced. I also understand that there’s a way to connect the S3 to a network drive. That’s next as it will make transferring my music library quick and easy.

The S3 comes with a stylus and a couple of apps that use stylus input. I’m not an artist nor am I into graphics so I have yet to find a good use for it. I may at some point. One of the purchase options includes an integrated keyboard/cover. The keyboard looked too small for me so I took the chance that the S3 would pair with one of two BlueTooth keyboards I already own. It paired readily with a full-sized Dell BlueTooth keyboard but failed to connect to a Microsoft compact keyboard. The S3 is quite thin and has a very smooth finish. Using the bare tablet somehow felt awkward for me so I purchased a Fintie cover from Amazon that also acts as a stand.

Bottom line – Without the need for extensive screen real estate or multiple open applcation windows, I’m extremely pleased with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as my laptop replacement. I recommend it highly.

I received this tablet last week and after several hours of use I can say that it is really a big upgrade to my aging (but still fully functional Samsung Galaxy Tab S). The screen is really beautiful, very vivid and HDR videos in Youtube are like when I saw a full HD for the first time. I am kind of an artist son the S pen is for me like a blessing. The only cons compared to my old Tab S is the screen aspect ratio, but I am slowly getting accustomed to it and it does not bother me as in the beginning I made a throughout research to buy a new tablet, and after this was released I decided to go for it, yes it es expensive, but after using it I have no remorse and this beautiful this is staying with me.

Bought as a Christmas gift for the misses -- she had a tablet before, but it died and slow death and after reading Amazon and Consumer Reports (CR), I settled on this product. So far, so great! My son, an IT guy, set it up and I didn't have to do much. The set-up would be your WIFI and email to get going and then add programs (apps) as you wish -- Excel, Word, games (FreeCell, Hearts, Pinochle), etc, and since it is WIFI and I also have a wireless printer, the tablet can be used to do reports on Word or Excel, and then, has the ability to print them. Nice. I bought the Keyboard Cover also, and it really enhances the workings of the tablet. Sharp, clear screen, and fast processor that plays smoothly from program to program. According to CR, this was the best tablet in that size range, except for the more expensive IPads. Also, this tablet was the ONLY one to have a 4 out of 6 excellent rating and the other 2 were very goods -- no other android tablet had as high a rating. Although we both have iPhones, I decided on keeping an android tablet because of the more programs available for it. Also, unlike the iPads, it has expandable memory using a larger media card. It was also cheaper than the iPads, although, CR suggests the quality is higher with an iPad. Also, Samsung products rate #2 in less frequency of repairs, so I was happy about that. Like I said, so far, so great!! Merry Christmas!

This is my first tablet, and I absolutely love it. It's just capable of so many things. I wanted something that I could draw/paint on without buying a computer drawing tablet, and this works perfectly. The pen has great sensitivity and is very smooth and natural to use. The tablet is also great for movies, games, and has other features that I haven't even tried yet. I use this tablet every day, and will be for a long time. I recommend buying a case for it so that you don't lose the pen (and keep the actual tablet safe from damage).

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