Reviews Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7"; 8 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-T280NZKAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7; 8 GB Wifi Tablet (Black) SM-T280NZKAXAR

Play games, browse the Internet, and help your kids learn with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. This 7-inch tablet features a lightweight design and a long-lasting battery, making it easy to take it anywhere.

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It’s important to take into consideration this tablet just costs $129 which is incredibly cheap. I saw some reviews comparing this tablet to an IPAD Pro and I thought it was important to remind people that this is a budget tablet. That said, let’s begin.

I had been looking for months to replace a 2-year old HP Slate 7 which ran Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It was slow as it only had 1GB of RAM but it was useful for the time and it had a solid built. I gave it to my 3-year old nephew and he is still using it for his basic games.

I wanted a better tablet but I was not going to pay more than $200. I came across this tablet browsing on GSM Arena and I didn’t like this one runs Android 5.1 Lollipop which will be outdated very soon, but in the end I decided to buy it and I do not regret it. Let’s make a summary of pros/cons.


Bloatware: Too much! I had never owned a Samsung device and let me tell you; they put just too much bloatware. I was used to Sony’s customization of Android (minimum bloatware). In the end, you just disable all these useless apps and the tablet runs fast.

Internal space: Even for people like me, who don’t play games or keep too many files, the internal memory disappoints (partially because of all the bloatware). After installing just a few apps I was left with just 3.55 GB free.


Connection: I got the Wi-Fi version and I haven’t had any issues with connection. It always gets connected and it never drops the signal.

Built: The tablet feels well built, especially for a budget tablet. No cheap plastic and the back feels solid.

Display: The display is not perfect but it displays vivid and real colors. I had some issues with the responsiveness of the screen at first but those issues are mostly gone. Some apps can use the “split screen” feature which is nice.

Performance: No lags, no freezes. Maybe because I use the tablet just to browse websites and don’t play games so, it really depends on the use you’re going to give it.

Micro SD Card: No issues with the Micro SD Card. I inserted a 128GB card and it’s working flawlessly. I have some videos on it and I have had no issues when playing them on VLC for Android.

Sound: Sounds work perfectly when watching videos on the Internet or VLC for Android.

Battery life: Maybe because it is new or because of the usage but my battery lasts forever! I don’t have to charge this device every single day as I had to do it with my previous tablet.


Camera: I haven’t used the camera as I never buy tablet to use them as camera.

After all, I recommend this tablet for people who are looking something simple but don’t want a tablet that feels cheap. If you want to play memory-intensive games or apps, then this tablet is not for you.


I'm a college student that has various tablets and a laptop for her school needs. This tablet has been at the top of my list for a while. Every time this tablet went on sale, a part of me wanted to order it. Samsung tablets were the most frequently suggested tablet for what I wanted and compared the other tablets, the price was reasonable. It was time to stop draining my phone's battery (reading books) and fighting with my sluggish Kindle Fire.

The tablet comes with minor bloatware compared to some off-brand tablets. Most of it can be disabled or uninstalled. The device is quick to respond and can be easily tweaked to make the transition animations even smoother. Compared to other tablets I've owned, the battery life is superb. My Kindle Fire doesn't have this kind of battery life. I spent around three hours reading and surfing the web, only to find out that I had used about 25% battery power. There are many settings that can be altered to help extend battery power. Reading a book on my phone drops the battery to around 75% after an hour and a half (sometimes less, if I disable a few things). There is a definite difference between the two.

The only drawback with the tablet, as others have pointed out, is the limitation of space. I have room for books and a few convenient apps, but that's about it. Even with an SD card, I am limited as to what I can install on the device. And from what I've noticed with my phone, any apps that are updated in the play store will move from your SD card, back to the internal storage. It's an aggravation but something that happens on many Android devices. Even if you can move some apps to the SD card, things like books through the Google Play Store don't seem to be stored on the SD card. The app can be moved, but not the books (please correct me if I'm wrong. It appeared that they didn't move, only the app). My books take up quite a bit of space! If you want more room, I'd look at some of the more expensive Samsung tablets. So far I'm very impressed by their tablets and will look at their models when making future purchases.

Edit 5/3/2018: I've had this tablet for almost one year, and it still impresses me with its battery life. Sometimes I leave it in sleep mode and forget until a few days later when I go to turn it on. I once left it in sleep mode for a week and found the tablet still above 70% power. None of my previous tablets could have done that. It's still my number one tablet. My phone drains faster than this tablet!

Well, I own both the Tab A 7.0 a day the Tab A 10.1. Each of each I like for different reasons as I explain below.

TAB A 7.0....A easy to carry around tablet...


1 Clear screen and vivid colors. Easy to read the screen when reading an ebook or in my Kindle app, on the Internet, all is crisp and clear.

2 WiFi is a breeze to setup and I receive 4 to 5 bars no matter where I am in my home.

3 Peppy and lagging at all.

4 Small, lightweight and easy to place in even a small purse or bag.

5 Camera is OK, but not great. I took outdoor and indoor pictures. Both types were OK but I took them in good lighting so they came out good enough for emailing etc.. But for a small tablet, I am OK with this.

CONS (2):

1 Old OS...mine has Lollipop 5.1, no Marshmallow 6. Other than this, I am pleased with this tablet.

2 Eight gigs of storage, however, after Samsung placed OS and apps, I started with about 5 gigs. I was able to install Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, and a couple more, but no games so I have about 2.3 gigs left for adding apps later.

Do I recommend this tablet?
Yes, IF you want a small and easy to carry around tablet.
No, if you want a newer OS and more internal storage space.

Tab A 10.1...A very generous screen, it has almost replaced my laptop!

PROS of Tab A 10.1:

1 Clear and bright screen with excellent colors. This tablet has a nice PPI (Pixels oer inch) at 224 PPI. So this makes tbe screen much clearer than the older Tab A 9.7 in my opinion. Very easy to read the screen when reading an ebook or in my Kindle app, easy viewing on the Internet, all is crisp and clear.

2 Adequate Internal Storage... Sixteen gigs of storage, however, after Samsung placed OS and apps, I started with about 11 gigs. I was able to install Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, and a quite a few more apps. I have about 6.3 gigs left for adding apps later.

3 WiFi is easy to setup and I receive 4 to 5 bars no matter where I am in my home. WiFi on this tablet has never dropped while using this tablet at home or other places.
The WiFi I find fast also.

4 Super Peppy and lagging at all.

5 Very large clear screen, slim design, small bezel...thus Tablet is mostly screen, no wasted space! purse or bag. Screen to body ratio is 74.8 percent...excellent!

6 Camera is 8mp and has a flash. I took outdoor and indoor pictures. Both types super clear. I was happily surprised.

Do I recommend this larger tablet?
Yes, IF you want a large and easy to read tablet that has good internal storage.
No, if you want a smaller and easier to carry around tablet.

I bought this as a gift for my seven year old nephew. I don't really agree with providing so much technology to children but I figured he could do a lot with something like this. He loves to take this with him in the car as it keeps him occupied and helps him parents focus. Also, he has kindle downloaded so he can read books on it as well as play his games, so not a total waste.

Of course, I wanted to buy something pretty inexpensive for someone so young, as he doesn't need the most up to date software. He's had this for 4 months and has yet to break it. That's three times as long as the even cheaper RCA he had received a few months before. So it has proven to be pretty durable so far.

this is my third tablet and my second Samsung tablet. At 7 inches its the smallest one Ive owned. Even though I knew it was 7 inches I was still surprised at how small it was. Its too big to be a phone but its about as small as tablets get. I was a bit disappointed in this although its my fault for not recognizing the size of the tablet I was purchasing. I found that if the small size is a trade off for the impressive battery life then its well worth the sacrifice. I used to have to charge my old Dell or Samsung A 8 in daily. This little tablet can last 3 days with the same usage! I'm really pleased. The tablet itself is about what you would expect from samsung. It has the hard home button, back button and comes with touchwiz. I highly recommend.

I don't really know how to begin with this tablet. It has an ease of use much more advanced than my old Samsung Galaxy S2 & inch not that I am knocking that one cause it still works great and still is fast. The more I play around with the features of it the more and more I learn about the ease of it. I am soooo happy I got the 7 inch again vs the other sizes for its greater pixel size for a sharper clarity and the sound ? I tried to get something portable to see if I could amp it up but I didn't need to. The sound is great for music, movies, gaming etc.. My complaint with Samsung is a minor but should be corrected, the micro usb cords that come with their products is way tooo short and should be at least 5-6 feet please the average person while charging their tablet wants to use it while it is charging whether in bed or on a couch but not a deal breaker. if your'e interested in getting a longer micro usb cord I purchased mine off of Amazon "Micro-USB Cable, EZOPower 6 Feet White Micro-USB Sync & Charging Data Cable For Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 7inch/8inch /10.1inch/Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet and more" sold by blue mall and fulfilled by
Amazon I am so happy that I purchased the white one I like the white one it goes great with my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 case - Infiland Ultra Slim Tri-Fold Smart Case Cover for Samsung Tab A 7-Inch 2016 Release Tablet, Pinkby Infiland also purchases on Amazon. I even installed a couple of games on it from the Google play store which brings me to another point. I have noticed on the tab pro A, it 's not bombarded with as many unwanted apps like my old tab 2 was. which is a plus in my book

For the price, I can't complain. It does a good enough job, but the limited internal memory is a major drawback, no matter how much you put in the SD Card slot. You can tell it to move or install apps on the SD Card, but it will only put part of the data there, and about half of it still on internal memory. Several times I've run out of space, and I only have a handful of apps installed. Basically cannot install any games if you want any other apps on the device, and a number of free apps that will actually work on it are considered unsupported in the Google Play Store and won't install from there, like Folding@Home (if you get the apk and manually install it, it works just fine). It's a snappy device, the screen looks great, and it's been pretty stable since day one. I just wish there were a 16GB model in this size range because being smaller makes it easy to take anywhere. Plug in an OTG adapter with a wireless keyboard/mouse and you can almost use it as a laptop (albeit one with incredibly cramped storage).

Seems to work very well. Takes longer to boot up than my Android-based phone from the same manufacturer, but it works very well. I'm pleased with the purchase. Wifi has a decent range, I'm able to stream Internet video clear across the house. The screen is nice, but I'd prefer if it were an OLED instead of a more traditional backlit LCD. Still has a really nice picture to it. Colors are faithful, and I've done a few FB-Live videos on it with no problem.

Get a case for it if you buy one, if not just to protect the tablet, but to also protect it against annoying smudges that seem to be an inherent complaint with this particular tablet. A case does wonders to remedy this problem.

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