Reviews Samsung Electronics SM-T830NZKAXAR Galaxy Tab S4, 10.5", Black

Samsung Electronics SM-T830NZKAXAR Galaxy Tab S4, 10.5, Black

Explore, work and watch your favorite shows on a clear and stunningly brilliant screen. Transform your Galaxy Tab S4 into a PC experience with the taskbar you're used to with the revolutionary DeX*. Create a PowerPoint presentation and revise budgets in Excel at your favorite cafe. Then edit, sketch and capture inspiration with the included S Pen. And using far-field mics, you can even control your Tab S4 from a distance with Google Assistant. *DeX can be activated via Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 keyboard cover (SKU: EJ-FT830UBEGUJ) sold separately.

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Being a experienced Techie type who loves Samsung devices, I purchased this Samsung Tab S4 with 256GB Internal Memory because I wanted to replace my 15.6 heavy Laptop that was too large/heavy for travel. Also I needed the large internal storage and the large, clear screen. Before I purchased this tablet, I read all the specs of both the 64GB Internal and the 256GB Internal. For 100 dollars more, I believe my purchase of the 256 GB version is the best choice for me as I have FOUR TIMES the storage space so this TABLET should last me a very long time as I am using it for productivity (MS OFFICE on a daily basis) as well as multimedia.

* My goal in this review is to help you with your decision of whether or not to purchase this tablet. Please note that this review reflects my personal opinion and my personal experience with this tablet and also the Samsung Bookcover/Keyboard (as well as DeX information). Please take a look at the 6 pictures below that show you the tablet with the optional 150.00 Keyboard installed as well as a generic cover/stand * (For tablet and DeX mode to work, it is NOT NECESSARY to have to purchase the optional Samsung Keyboard/bookcover. *


1) 256 GB of Internal Storage. Yet after the OS and Factory Apps, it showed 228GB left after Oreo OS and factory apps, etc. Just the Oreo OS alone is 26GB! After I installed lots of personal Apps such as Word and Excel (free from Playstore) and several weather apps, Facebook, Twitter and Kindle, I now have 225 GB left. Plenty left if I want to install more apps or updates.

2) Since I purchased this S4 TABLET, I use it 100 percent of time and now I do not have to use my bulky Laptop for these reasons:

+ Productivity With Portability -- I personally have found that I use this tablet for creating, editing MS Office files, printing files, organizing schedules, and much more. * Because of the actual work that I get done using this tablet, I no longer use my 15.6 inch laptop.
+ Portability -- I carry this tablet everywhere so I purchased the accessory, the Samsung Bookcover to use for this tablet. So my tablet with keyboard cover, fits easily into my tote purse.

+ MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, etc) are free apps, however, tablets OVER a 10.1 inch size, the documents are read only, no editing. That's right, no editing UNLESS you purchase an Office 365 subscription. So I purchased the 9.99 one because of the 5 PCs, 5 Tablets, 5 Smartphones, and 1 TB Storage. The OneDrive Cloud storage from Microsoft gives me a choice of WHERE I save my documents: Internal Storage, SD Card or OneDrive Storage.

+ Printing from this TABLET...I print right from my TABLET using PrinterShare from the Playstore. I print Word, Excel Documents, emails, pictures and more, using a Wireless printer.

+ Wifi Calling...So I use Google Hangouts phone number/app if I want to use this TABLET as a phone. It works well, however, WIFI must be connected for it to work. I use my ATT phone plan with Unlimited minutes and texts.

+ This model does NOT have 4G LTE Data/Cellular capabilities. When Wifi is not available I use my Samsung Phone as a Data Hotspot to get on the Internet. (I called AT&T and the representative told me that tethering (using my Data for a Hotspot) is allowed on my plan).

3) DeX...How to use DeX...(Please see pictures 5 - 6 below for pictures of the DeX mode--I have great success with DeX using the S Pen and both the On-screen Keyboard and my Samsung Keyboard Bookcover...both of these work great in DeX). DeX can be used WITH or WITHOUT the optional Samsung Keyboard/Bookcover. To begin DeX, go to Settings, Advanced features, turn on Samsung DeX. To go back to Tablet experience, go back to Settings, Advanced, turn DeX off. However, for a more full DeX feature, you need to purchase the not included Samsung Keyboard/Cover for an additional 150.00. The total DeX Experience gives you a more Laptop experience using the included S Pen as a pointer/mouse, and you can use a mouse with DeX on and more. Personally, I decided to purchase this extra (150.00) keyboard because I l type so many documents and the Keyboard/Bookcover makes it easier for me to type faster and finish my files faster!

4) Android OS---My tablet arrived with Oreo 8.1, however, I read that Samsung flagship devices should receive two OS updates. So I should receive Android P and another 2nd update after that (like I did on my old Samsung Tab S2, which received 2 OS updates).

5) WiFi--This tablet has in the specs a dual band WiFi Radio (A/B/G/N, AC and dual band). If you have a 5GHZ capable router, it will connect to the fastest 5GHZ speed! My tablet connected right away with a super strong signal to my AT&T Uverse Router that has 2.4GHZ. I plan on upgrading my router to a 5GHZ one later this year. However, I have a large home and 2.4 GHZ goes a much longer distance than 5GHZ does. I just tested my router and I receive 144 speed mps (very fast). And it keeps a strong signal in every room of my home, even in my backyard.

6) Display---The 10.5 inch display is HUGE and very, very clear and colors are vivid and super sharp! Reading on the Internet, Kindle book or PDF Book, the text is very crisp. The videos in YouTube are very clear as well.

7) Speed and Performance---For my personal use, this tablet gives great speed and performance on my much used apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Internet, YouTube, Email, MS Office etc. Also, I found all videos run very well. Performs wonderfully!

8) Battery Life/Coolness -- Amazing!!! This battery lasts about a bit longer than my Tab 2 tablet did. With 100 percent brightness and very heavy, constant use, I still have 15 percent left when it is 10pm and bedtime, time to recharge. ***When I am not using the Samsung Keyboard, my battery life is longer because the keyboard uses power from the tablet. So what I do is put this into my regular case when I am say using weather apps or just checking my email, this way I conserve my battery more.
This battery has never overheated, it stays between 71 to 85 degrees Farenheit, which is excellent.

9) External Slot for SD Card---So I installed a SanDisk 128gb Micro SD card which was loaded with my music, pictures, home videos and files. I still have 75 gb left on my SD Card. According to Gsmarena, this device accepts up to a 512 GB Micro SD card. I plan on purchasing a 200 GB SD card soon.

10) Camera--- Excellent! So I actually took some inside and outside pictures and saved them to my SD Card. The pictures (indoors and outdoors) are very clear, excellent for sending in email or even Facebook. My videos also came out well.

11) USB Port is a type C. And it has OTG (On the Go), which means with a USB/type C adapter, you can insert a USB Flash drive, USB mouse, USB keyboard (one at a time). I use this to copy files from my Flash drive to my phone or vice versa).

12) Sound: The sound quality is excellent as it has 4 small internal speakers. Well I listened to several songs on this and the sound was very good on the built in four speakers, amazing really. Then I tested it by making a phone call on Google Hangouts and the internal speakers were plenty loud and very clear. Most of the time, for music and videos, I use my Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker and the sound is outstanding.
In addition, this tablet has a headphone jack as I sometimes use my wired headset.

Cons (2)

1) This Samsung Tab S4 with 256 GB Internal storage is very pricey, however, the old saying that you get what you pay for is true.

2) Microsoft allows you to freely edit files IF you have a screen size of 10.1 inches or under. This tablet has a 10.5 screen so one must purchase a Microsoft subscription (6.99, 9.99 monthly) in order to edit documents. This is not the fault of Samsung, it is a Microsoft thing.

Would I buy this tablet again? Yes because of the large 10.5 inch screen and 256 GB internal storage. Yes, this TABLET is expensive, however, I knew this going in and I received so many great features with this TABLET, that I am glad that I purchased this TABLET.

Should you consider purchasing this Samsung Tab S4 TABLET (64 GB or 256 GB)?
** Yes, if you want a high end, super quality tablet and do not mind paying for it.
* No, if you do not want to pay a high price for a TABLET.
Bottom line...If the price of this Samsung Tab S4 is more than you want to pay, then I suggest you consider the Samsung Tab A 10.5 INCH model (2018 new model) with 32 GB Internal..this one is here on Amazon for 329 and this is a very nice tablet with many features for the price.
* Thank you for reading my review. I hope that it has helped you in your decision of whether or not to purchase this tablet.*

For the past 6 years, I've exclusively owned iPads. My last Android tablet was the Galaxy Tab 10.1 way back in 2011. Boy was that terrible. I recently switched to a Samsung phone, so I decided to try out their tablets. WOW have they come a long way.

The screen is fantastic. It's not 120Hz like the new iPad Pro, but you probably won't care. The colors are amazing and the black levels are truly black. It also gets extremely bright and is easily usable outside.

Battery life is equally good. Using it for a few hours every day, I really only need to charge every 4 or 5 days. It barely loses any charge when locked and not in use. It also supports USB C fast charging for when you need to top up quickly.

The S Pen again, is fantastic. Latency is quite low and the pressure curves are on point. The pen itself is a great size and feels pretty much exactly like a real pen. My only complaint is there's nowhere to store it (if you don't buy the keyboard). I wish they would make it magnetic like the Surface line.

Performance is excellent, with zero lag even after installing over 100 apps.

If I had one major complaint about this tablet, it would be the lack of a fingerprint scanner. "Intelligent Scan" is good, but you have to hold the tablet parallel to your face, and that's a little more awkward than just using a fingerprint scanner. But since the bezels are so thin and the tablet looks so good, I can forgive this. Especially combined with Smart Lock (only locks the tablet when it's needed, not all the time), it's not as big of a deal.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this tablet. Yes, $650 isn't cheap, but compared with an iPad Pro 10.5, which is also $649, this one at least includes the stylus, saving you $100.

The guys complaining about the non-LTE version missing LTE are complete doofuses. Go buy the LTE version!

I upgraded from a Fire HD 10 to this thing and I have to say it is a top notch entertainment device. I think Samsung really missed out by placing it in the work device category with its advertising. There is a large market willing to pay premium for a OLED tablet for watching movies, reading comics, or whatever and the Tab S4 hits it. So what if it's slower than the A10X equipped iPad? This thing has a way better display and it's fast enough.

+ 10.5" OLED tablet with the same quality as the Galaxy S9, but the identical 112% DCI-P3 coverage is insane saturation on a larger device. Eye popping is an apt description.
+ Adaptive display mode on max warm setting with 80% red, 100% green, and 0% blue produces a very pleasing white point.
+ Thin and light for a 10.5" device, comfortable to hold with one hand.
+ 4 speakers of decent quality. Headphone are better though
+ Comes with a pen, but I don't use it
+ Fast internal storage
+ Expandable SD card storage
+ 7300mAh battery lasts forever
+ 16:10 ratio is great for books/comics (shout out to Kindle/Comixology) and webpages in portrait, and videos in landscape
+ Has a 3.5mm jack

= Glass backpanel is grippy and easy to hold. Some of you may prefer metal
= I prefer to use this in portrait except during videos, but the charge port and headphone port are on the bottom. Low-slung tablet stands will not work.
= No way to store the pen without buying a $70 cover.

- Uses an older SD830 instead of the latest SD845. Shame!
- Only 4GB RAM
- Apps (cough YouTube) need to add support for HDR on the Tab S4
- No fingerprint sensor, face recognition/iris scan impossible to use when slouched over upside down on the couch (in portrait)

Amazing device. Gorgeous display, incredibly fast UI, strong battery life (I get 3 full days of life with an average 6-7 hours of daily intermittent use), impressive Dolby-partnered sound from 4 speakers, and Dex support (with keyboard cover) makes it a reliable substitute for a huge number of items I had to keep on-hand before. I'm currently working towards a PhD and this tablet has almost made carrying a backpack obsolete as it has replaced my laptop, notebooks, agenda, printed documents, and even textbooks. I was initially nervous to invest in a tablet that would attempt to serve so many purposes, but this bold product from Samsung has diminished all trepidation as it easily performs every task I've put it to, including USB integration (with the Samsung 4-in-1 adapter; includes standard USB, USB-C, HDMI, and Cat5e). I don't have the LTE version, but I don't miss it as the tablet performs fine using Wi-Fi from home and campus, then syncs up with the mobile hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy phone anytime I need connection elsewhere. It is the only thing I keep with me for work on classes, reading, and research. Easily the best electronic investment I've made, and the protection plan through Amazon is a better value than anywhere else I've looked (4-year full protection for just over $110 versus 2- and 3-year protection from other sellers priced at $150, at my time of purchase).

This tablet just works REALLY well and has plenty of memory. If you were like us you kept running out of room from too many things on the tablet. With 256GB, that won't be an issue for a long time and the price seemed well in line for that much memory. So many apps had issues when they were moved to an SD card and when they updated they jumped back to internal memory anyway, that I was hoping for a tablet that had enough memory to handle our heavy usage.

This is a really good one!

I have a galaxy tab s2, I wanted to upgrade... not disappointed I love Samsung, I am an android user. Love all the storage, the pen (included), very sharp screen... I did not purchase keyboard because I want to take this on the go... I use this more than my laptop...I was sent the wrong Tab S4, I ordered the 256 gb, I was sent 64 gb. They shipped me the correct one very quickly, I in turn sent the 64 gb back. I received an email that they were going to charge me for both because they never received the 64 gb tablet...what a headache, I couldn't find a number on line...had to find an old bill....geez. I had to explain that I received a confirmation from Amazon that they did in fact receive the tablet and that they are now going to reverse the bill....I think it is finally going to be resolved....I still looooove this tablet

Up graded from a Tab S2, was hesitant because of the price but I'm glad I did. One of the things I really like is the blue light filter, much easier on my old eyes. This tablet is expensive but I think worth it. One tip I have is download Chrome Beta from Play Store, this solves the problem of not being able to type in some search boxes.

The charging is pretty slow, some games dont run smooth when they should, and web browser crashes. But its a nice device i enjoyed using the pen. But i would wait for a huge drop in price or until all bugs are fixed.

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