If you were tired to wait for iPad mini promised by hearsay with the Retina display, then you can begin to wait for other tablet which was announced by the LG company. It is the 8.3-inch G Pad 8.3 tablet . It is unknown whether it will be more successful than Optimus Pad which is released in 2011,
Went rumors For a long time that Nokia prepares the first tablet computer. And today the Finnish producer officially announced a novelty. The new tablet under the name Nokia Lumia 2520 works at the Windows platform of RT 8.1. It is equipped with the 10,1-inch touch display with support of
Yesterday the Apple company has held the presentation of new tablets – iPad of the fifth generation and iPad mini of the second generation. We will also tell today about them. New full-size iPad has received the name iPad Air . Externally he is similar to the increased iPad mini with the same
Widely known corporation MSI from Taiwan has presented the new development – the unique transforming laptop which if desired can be used as the tablet. He carries the name MSI S20 Slider 2 . The original screen slider which one movement turns the laptop into the tablet became the main feature
More than once designers represented concepts of transparent mobile devices. Next year one of such projects will turn into the most real device. The developer Jacob Eichbaum from Tel Aviv has submitted the new project – first-ever the transparent tablet computer . It is equipped with the 7-inch
Last year Samsung has created a furor, having put on the market the first-ever smartphone with the curved display — Samsung Galaxy Round. In new year the company is going to present now the tablet with the similar curved display which will receive the conformable name – of Samsung Galaxy Tab
Has released the biggest tablet in the world which is producing in lots the Panasonic company has presented. the 20-inch tablet with the display having permission 4K will be called Toughpad  4K. The new device will take the place in a line of professional level and will go on sale at the
At the past MWC 2014 exhibition has shown the new development – the tablet computer with tactile the screen. However, so far it is not finished ready-made product, and only his prototype. The screen of the unique tablet is capable to tell tactile feelings that will allow the user to feel to the
The Tablet — the universal device by means of which it is possible to watch movies, to play games, to use different applications and to work with text documents. A wide choice of tablets on the market nonpluses the user. To make a right choice it is necessary to remember the most important criteria
The Russian engineers the tablet for needs of army and other law enforcement agencies having the difficult system of protection and working at base of an operating system of domestic development is created. The conditional name of the tablet – "rupad" . It is equipped with the dual-core
The Finnish company Nokia which business has departed in the property of Microsoft not so long ago has again declared itself in the mobile market. The day before she has presented the new tablet working under control of the latest mobile Android 5.0 Lollipop platform with the graphic Z Launcher
The End of the year already not far off, precedes it Catholic and Protestant Christmas. Millions of people around the world wait for this holiday and hope to receive as a gift a brand new gadget. And producers of electronic devices try to surprise the fans and to convince to choose their novelty.
This day certainly was remembered to the first owners of an unusual gadget from Apple by huge turns and an improbable agiotage after the historical presentation of Steve Jobs. Everywhere the most improbable rumors and assumptions of rather unusual novelty circulated. And there have passed 5 years.
To Once domestic cat in plenty to gambol there was enough usual ball of woolen threads. Nobody expected that in the 21st century dumb animals, as well as we will begin to master digital technologies with spontaneity inherent in them and interest. If at your place the kitten has lodged and besides
This week the Korean company Samsung announced the biggest tablet. The novelty which has received the name Galaxy View sports Full HD the screen with diagonal 18,4 inches. Samsung Galaxy View is intended first of all for viewing of video and web content. For convenience of users the tablet has a
Perhaps soon the Russian astronauts, leaving in an outer space, will take with themselves tablets. Devices will differ from terrestrial "fellows" in ability to function in a vacuum. Today development of "space" tablets – the new direction in work of Energiya corporation. As have shown
Aren't present anything surprising that inexpensive tablets enjoy special popularity. This that segment which is always interesting to the wide range of potential buyers here it is always possible to find the interesting and balanced decision. And on iPad everyone has money not. Therefore we
Again to draw attention of younger and senior generations to classical board games, the Blok.Party company has developed new realization of augmented reality. In its basis — the universal game field PlayTable executed in the form of the huge tablet with the touch screen. Here also the system
have presented to of the Google and Acer Company the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet which will become the tablet computer first in the history working under control of Chrome OS. Thereby in Google have let know that the era of universal domination of Android devices remained behind. According
B 2014 the Japanese company Sony has released the first version of the Digital Paper device – the tablet which allowed to work with digital analogs of paper documents in the habitual ways. Last year the model has received a number of updates, and today the company puts on the market the most
When in March Apple has produced the iPad model of starting level, analysts have been sure that from Microsoft won't keep itself to wait for the answer. And here he has appeared. The Surface Go tablet presented by the company the smallest and cheap in all model range. But at this Microsoft it was