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Astronomers have recorded the most powerful magnetic field in the known universe
# ing0 #. In the representation of most people far from astronomy, the Sun is in the center of the solar system, and its center, respectively, is in the center of the Sun. At the same time, our main light remains motionless, unlike everything that rotates around it. But this is completely
Researchers from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Western Australia have found traces of the strongest explosion in history. Only the notorious Big Bang that gave rise to our universe was more powerful. Data on the find are confirmed by the largest telescopes around the
The universe likes to make surprises - recently the European Space Agency released information about a completely unusual, unseen space structure. These are new type exoplanets that are so light and "empty" that they are comparable in density to sugar wool tangles. But at the same time they are
The New planet has been found within programs for studying of young stars of SHINE and DISK. As The Guardian reports, discovery was made by the staff of the European southern observatory by means of one of the most powerful VLT telescopes (Very Large Telescope). "Newborn" is at distance of 370
On October 19 Rob Verik from Institute of astronomy of the University of Hawaii has found the strange space object which has crossed all Solar system and made a loop around the Sun. In the beginning he was designated as U1, and then have named Oumuamua that in translation from Hawaiian is meant by
The Team of the British astronomers of the University of the queen Maria from London has found potentially the habitable planet, received the name B. Ekzoplanet's Proxima the Proxima of the Centaur, an analog of our Solar system is located at distance of four light years from Earth in system. A
The Russian astronomers have recorded a strange signal from the star HD 164595 system located at distance of 95 light years from Earth in Hercules's constellation. The signal has been found by means of the RATAN-600 telescope belonging to astrophysical observatory in Nizhny Novgorod the Arkhyz. Our
To Astronomers of the Ruhr university (Bochum, Germany) on the basis of the Chilean observatory Atakama it was succeeded to create the compound image of our galaxy — Milky Way. Today is the most grandiose image of the space surrounding us. The German astronomers have done really titanic work,