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Astrophysicists have created the largest and most detailed 3D map of the Universe in the world
As part of the Starmus festival, a composition called "Starsounds" was presented to the public, the basis for which was the sounds made by stars. These are acoustically sound waves that have been specially accelerated so that they can be perceived by the human ear. The arrangement was personally
The NuSTAR Space Laboratory, when studying supernova in the distant galaxy NGC 6946, discovered something unusual. It was a flash of X-rays of marginal brightness that created a spot of greenish color recorded by the instruments. And almost immediately disappeared, leaving scientists wondering -
according to astrophysicists of the university of Southampton and scientists from Canada and Italy studying a space microwave background or the afterglow which has remained after a Big Bang the Universe can be simply "the huge and difficult hologram", illusion, is similar 3D - to the image.