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The Solar Orbiter spacecraft showed many mysterious bonfires in the Sun
the Eco Marine Power Company is going to present to next year the mechanism which will allow the marine transport to use both the wind force, and energy of the sun for the movement. These are the huge massifs of solar batteries on a framework from carbon fiber mounted on the deck of the vessel.
The TuNur Energy company with might and main lobbies construction in the Sahara of solar power station, enormous on scales, which will be able to feed with energy Malta, Italy and France. Within this project in the desert are going to build the park of solar batteries with a total power of 4,5 GW.
In July of last year in Abu Dhabi triumphally the first round-the-world flight of Solar Impulse 2 – the first-ever plane flying at the expense of solar energy has come to the end. And on May 5 at 8:00 in the morning over the Swiss town of Payerne his follower the double SolarStratos plane piloted
So far all watch a travel of Solar Impulse 2, the plane making a circumnavigation on only one solar energy, we have nearly missed his "colleague" specializing in water. Solar Voyager — the pilotless kayak using energy of solar batteries lays the way through the Atlantic Ocean now. The maximum
Microorganisms successfully have learned to use energy of the Sun for millions of years before appearance of the person — and people should learn from them. Researchers from the University of British Columbia have developed new technology of creation of biogenous solar panels which
with the Problem of operation of solar power stations day and night that by astronomical rules on Earth there is a night when energy of the sun is inaccessible. Worst of all, if it is about systems with helioconcentrators in which thousands of mirrors focus light on a target and warm it to
to Replacement of power supplies of the implanted medical devices, as a rule, is connected with surgical intervention. The technology developed by group of the Swiss scientists of university hospital of University of Bern under the leadership of Loukas Bereuter will help to solve this old
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