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China has completed the formation of its own Beidou navigation system
The only photo of the acoustic gun available to date. Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a portable sound gun for police officers involved in the suppression of mass riots. A shot from such a gun is a focused wave of sound that has painful effects on the eardrums, eyes
China 's government, at the legislative level, has banned the use of diplomatic fakes and other similar artificial intelligence technologies in the media. The relevant law comes into force on 1 January 2020. From this day on, anyone who does decide to use AI to submit information will be required
In the Chinese city of Suzhou, work was completed to create a unique retaining wall to strengthen the coastline of one of the water channels. It is made special by the fact that the wall is built according to the technology of construction 3D-printing. With a length of 500 m and an altitude of
"Tyangun-2" ("Heavenly palace") though the short-term project — the station will work only 2 years — but very ambitious and multi-purpose. In October of the current year she will accept the first taykonavt (so in China call astronauts), which will spend not less than a month in
China has launched the first-ever satellite of quantum communication in which subatomic particles for safe data exchange between two subscribers participate. Her full-scale start will allow to put, at last, an insuperable barrier on the way of hackers. In case of success the Chinese satellite can
Along with Russia and the USA the Martian race is entered by China. Not later than 2020 is planned to make flight to the red planet during which the mars rover will be delivered there. Within the project the competition on the name and a logo of rover is already announced. According to the
Promptly developing world of robotics everything storms new records. At the end of October the Guinness Book of Records was replenished with the next record. The Chinese Xinghe No. 1 robot developed by the team of researchers of College of automation at the university of the city of Chongqing under
In Beijing within the international conference 2015 World Robot the presentation of three fighting robots of the Chinese production intended for fight against terrorism has taken place. One them them performs function of the chemist-intelligence agent and sapper. Detection poisoning and
by having inhaled the poisoned air during industry formation Much, nowadays residents of Celestial Empire don't feel sorry for funds for innovative projects on improvement of ecology. The other day in the city of Xian the design capacity reached hybrid installation of absorption of a smog worth
Residents of Celestial Empire the most destructive consequence of global climatic shift for itself recognized floods. Also have joined the world program "The Sponge City Initiative" within which already 30 large Chinese cities have begun to master "spongy architecture". Her main task — to