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NASA has combined 10 years of Sun observation into one fantastic timelapse
Quite recently onboard the ISS the unique experiment during which for 16 months seaweed have been placed in an outer space has come to the end. What surprise of scientists when seaweed after return aboard the station have shown signs of life, despite ultraboundary temperature differences, rigid
Looking through a newsreel of the American Moon missions of almost semicentennial prescription and watching work of crew members of the ISS in an outer space, we seldom think of how they celebrate the need there. And meanwhile it is so serious problem that NASA has organized a competition on
In many respects the unique mission is calculated on eight years with end in 2023 when the Osiris Rex spaceship returns back to Earth. During this time he will fly by 6,5 billion kilometers, will reach an asteroid to Benn and will take soil particles from his surface to make them object of studying
As has reported the management of NASA, development of a cabin of the Martian Orion module will be complete in 2018. The first version of control panels and the software is at the moment submitted. Flight to Mars has to take place in the third decade by means of the most powerful the carrier rocket
Curious dialogue about strange space sounds has taken place between crew members of the Apollon-10 spaceship Eugene Sernan and John Young in May, 1969 when they made the historical flight around the Moon. - Did you hear it? This whistling sound? - Yes. It is similar to the music going from
Specialists of NASA are convinced that without advanced technologies development of distant space is impossible. The contract worth 67 million dollars with the Aerojet Rocketdyne company which will be engaged in development of motive systems for movement of asteroids and implementation of the
To NASA has issued a tremendous set of the photos displaying the last moments of the Antares rocket. In October of last year she has exploded during emergency start. Explosion and the fire in the rocket engine became a cause of the tragedy. the Antares Rocket intended for removal into an
by Though the American agency NASA formally deals with space issues, rather talented experts that their developments have helped to improve life and on the earth are brought together there. Or in air – a series of test flights in which the production plane flew with the glider modernized on
On December 15 from a board of the ATK L-1011 Stargazer plane at the height of 11900 meters the three-stage carrier rocket Pegasus XL which has put group of eight CYGNSS microsatellites intended for monitoring of hurricanes to orbit has been started. The third step with satellites has
The Kilopower Reactor Using Stirling Technology Device or in abbreviated form Kilopower have passed tests for work in the non-standard modes. With this stage transition from conceptual model to development of the real reactor for use in future space missions comes to the end. It is possible that it