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Tourists on the ISS will now be able to go on a walk into outer space
Space Perspective has agreed to lease space and provide pre-flight training at the Kennedy Cosmodrome in Florida. They are not competitors to SpaceX or other private space companies - Space Perspective is engaged in balloon flights to the stratosphere. More precisely, they are just going to make
"The American innovations and startups will help to construct the prospering commercial environment on Earth orbit", it is said in the new statement of NASA. The organization officially announced the decision not only to allow at the ISS a wide range of persons without special preparation, but
The London gallery of the modern art together with the HTC company has organized an interactive exhibition of a new format. She is devoted to Amedeo Modigliani's creativity – the Italian artist rebel who lived and worked at the beginning of the last century in Paris. The last aspect, conditions in
to the world continues to surprise with futuristic projects. However this time it is not about the far future, and about the end of the next year when from Cape Canaveral by means of the Falcon Heavy rocket start piloted the version of the Dragon ship with "tourist" crew from two people who will
C on April 28 in Borgo Panigale where the headquarters of the Ducati brand is located, excursions on an object of Fisika in Moto – the well-known laboratory of the company start. The place where show to students as the physical principles receive the embodiment in the form of concrete technologies.
on December 10 near a historical monument of "Monument des Fraternisations" (A fraternization monument) in Nevil-Saint-Vaast in the north of France have begun to appear the new point of access within the Timescope project has opened. He assumes creation of zones of virtual reality near real