Comments about Astronomers approached a solution of a mystery of fast radio splashes

Astronomers approached a solution of a mystery of fast radio splashes

Scientists from Keka observatory on the Mount Mauna Kea managed to calculate location of the galaxy from where the freshest signal came from mysterious category of fast radio splashes.

It was recorded on May 23, 2019 on the Deep Synoptic Array-10 radio telescope in California and received the FRB 190523 index.

If calculations are right, then the signal comes from the old, potentially "made habitable" galaxy, and can have the artificial nature.

The problem of fast radio splashes constantly puts before scientists new calls from which definition of a source of a signal – basic, but also one of the most difficult questions.

Too little the impulse, a millisecond time that devices could collect enough data lasts.

On the other hand, settlement emissions of energy in such radio splashes are enormous, comparable to development of stars, and therefore astronomers cannot just wave away from them.

Opening of FRB 190523 led to detection of the galaxy in 7.9 billion light years from us which is similar to the Milky Way – it was created long ago and the activity in it is small, to astronomical measures.

Besides some time ago the Australian astronomers found other similar galaxy which was identified too as a potential source of radio splashes.

And it became a problem because data refute the former theory based on studying of object FRB121102.

FRB121102 source – the dwarfish galaxy with enormous activity in which different processes violently proceed.

And it is easy to present collision of neutron stars which generates radio splashes in such environment.

But the galaxy of FRB 190523 direct contrast to it that means – the source of radio splashes has to be other.

Or it can be two phenomena of one form, but the different nature.

Such opening stimulate construction of new huge complexes of radio telescopes and further studying of the Universe.

Comments about Astronomers approached a solution of a mystery of fast radio splashes
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