Comments about How far mankind signals — visually extend in space

How far mankind signals — visually extend in space

Fermi's paradox says: if the developed civilizations in the Universe – the widespread phenomenon, then we have to see a set of signs of their existence which, however, are not observed.

From this visible lack of signs of intelligent alien life some draw a conclusion that there are no other races in the Universe simply.

However at the same time the moment very important today is overlooked.

When Fermi formulated the paradox in the middle of the last century, we could not glance rather far in space and precisely measure distances to the objects which are there.

And today, for example, we know: diameter of our galaxy Milky Way not less than 110,000 light years.

Possibly, it is even more, but it is already not so important.

Do you see a blue point on the picture? It is area with a diameter of 200 light years where signals from Earth could reach from the moment of the invention of the first radio.

As far as it is small concerning all galaxy? Lacteal Putradio of people opened at the end of the 19th century, then the first broadcasts so we will consider that signals are broadcast nearly one and a half centuries, but not from the 70th and start of the SETI program took place.

Means if any signal passed through an ionosphere and did not dissipate, then during this time moved away from Earth only on 150 light years.

Not thousands, and just years that gives very small, to space measures, area of coverage.

The same with light signals – if who saw a scattering of fires on night side of Earth, then it has to be absolutely close from us.

And, on the contrary, time nobody sees, so everything potential observers live much further.

But even if aliens and it is close, and received our signals, and even sent the answer, we will accept it too not earlier, than through tens and hundreds of years.

Comments about How far mankind signals — visually extend in space
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