Kosmoplan VSS Unity has reached speed 2,4 Move and

Kosmoplan VSS Unity starting on July 26 with a board of the flying VMS Eve spaceport of the Virgin Galactic company has directed to the mesosphere

Kosmoplan VSS Unity has reached speed 2,4 Move and <br> <br> Kosmoplan VSS Unity starting on July 26 with a board of the flying VMS Eve spaceport of the Virgin Galactic company has directed to the mesosphere

Has risen by height of 14200 meters then for 42 seconds I have started the hybrid rocket engine to reach the mesosphere (the site of the atmosphere at the height from 30 to 50 km) – 52 km at a speed of 2,67 Moves. The spacecraft was piloted by test pilots Dave Mackay and Mike of >
It is already the third flight in 4 months near the Hawaiian Islands where perhaps the spaceport for the ships making commercial flights of tourists will be constructed soon. It is expected that the cost of one permit will be 250 thousand dollars, and flight will last 2,5 hours.

But it in the future for now during test flight the onboard telemetric equipment fixed temperature, humidity, acoustics, thermal reactions, level of vibration, radiation, acceleration better to understand ship aerodynamics. As the passenger onboard there was a test dummy.
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