At the ISS Universe cold pole

At the ISS Universe

will appear

of NASA is going to make a unique experiment onboard the ISS. His purpose – to create Universe "cold pole", that is to make the maximum cooling of matter, having brought her temperature to indicators in 10 billion times vacuum temperatures are lower.

will pass the Experiment within the program of NASA — CAL (Cold Atom Laboratory). As a result scientists hope to receive condensate to Bosa-Einstein, the special condition of substance in a basis consisting of the bosons, particles cooled almost to absolute zero (-273,15  °C).

At such cooling atoms kind of fade and are almost completely immobilized. In terrestrial conditions the similar experiment has been made in 1995, however it has lasted only fractions of a second, exactly until shutdown of magnetic field. As soon as gravitation has taken effect, atoms "have fallen" to a surface and have heated up.

At the ISS Universe
will be possible to avoid

in the conditions of weightlessness of it. The "frozen" particles, having reached the minimum power state, will cease to interact with not cooled "neighbors", as a result — approximately for 10 seconds — friction force will disappear and superfluidity is formed. It is supposed what daily on experiences will be taken away on 6 hours.

according to the chief engineer of astronomical and physical management of Jet Propulsion Laboratory Robert Shotvell, CAL represents very difficult device. In terrestrial laboratory conditions the equipment occupies usually whole room. In turn the option for the ISS is very compact and has the size of the small refrigerator which is controlled from Earth. CAL is delivered aboard the ISS at the end of May by means of the cargo Cygnus spaceship.

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