New game horror adapts to fear of the player

New game horror adapts to fear of the player

The Red Meat Games Studio has issued the fifth game project for the systems of virtual reality which is distinguished by original function of feedback. Remarkable fact: the release has taken place on Friday, July 13 the 2018th because a game is executed in a genre "horror". Only it to all horror films a horror film – the application reacts to heart beat of the player to frighten him even more effectively. we act with

In the game "Bring to Light" on behalf of the only survivor in strange, contradictory accident in the subway. The player should pass on thrown, but not to so dead tunnels to find the road to light. Everything occurs in virtual reality, and emphasis is put not on battles with enemies, and on "very restless" an environment – the most part of elements around the player isn't static at all.

Behaviour of the game world directly depends on that, the player is how scared. The application has function of support of the monitor of a warm rhythm, however, him it is necessary to buy separately and it is possible to choose only between the Rhos Scosche and Polar H10 models. And if a game sees that the player is relaxed, his pulse is low, then can add a heat. Objects will begin to fall, to clap doors, there will be new sounds, lighting effects, etc. According to developers, the result won't keep itself waiting – sweaty palms and a shiver in knees are guaranteed to the player.

If to look at news more widely, the game "Bring to Light" can become one of the first (in the 2015th there was already an attempt), in which biometric feedback is used. But she the last won't be obvious – in Red Meat Games studio say that the potential of biometric accessories grows. And in proportion to an exit of new gadgets it will be possible to enter into a gameplay all new and new options, to greater pleasure of gamers.

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