Comments about The machine learning was applied to robotic assembly of heads of cabbage of salad

The machine learning was applied to robotic assembly of heads of cabbage of salad

Robotics it was very demanded in agrotechnologies, but the same trend set a number of difficult tasks for developers.

Collecting tubers of potato or carrot is rather simple in the mechanized way, but how to distinguish a ripe head of cabbage of salad of a grade "iceberg" from even unripe? Still it demanded application of human work, but now on the British beds the new robot – Vegebot passes test.

This device is specially designed for assembly of salad of a grade an iceberg which is visually similar to cabbage.

In terms of the picture in the camera view-finder – the continuous field of identical green roundish objects.

The basic module of the robot went a long way of training, from images and digital 3D models, before studying of real heads of cabbage in laboratory, and then and field conditions.

And now Vegebot can distinguish a salad copy, suitable for assembly, from unripe with an accuracy 91 to find salad a little, it is necessary also to cut off it correctly to keep trade dress.

The second module, with an edge and own camera which was also trained by the machine principles is responsible for it.

However its result is much worse, about 38 % than some collected vegetables – marriage.

That is, it is possible to eat, but on shelves of shops the existing standards of appearance and quality will not allow to expose such copies.

Worst of all the fact that Vegebot spends for decision-making and their realization on average in 32 seconds on each vegetable.

The person works much quicker and better.

However people come to cleaning of salad, as a rule, once – good copies go on a warehouse, bad are utilized.

And the robot it is possible to force to check all field though every day, step by step reaping the ripening crop, and he does not demand salary.

And let while Vegebot cannot compete with the person, his developers are full of optimism of rather future child.

Comments about The machine learning was applied to robotic assembly of heads of cabbage of salad
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