Comments about Youbionics presented the drone with bionic hands

Youbionics presented the drone with bionic hands

Drones are able to do many different useful things today, but to an evolution masterpiece in the form of human hands to them is still far.

It is unfair, solved Federico Tsicarez, the owner of the Youbionics company, and developed the project of "the flying hands".

In fact, it is a new design of the drone, with high potential, but limited still operational qualities.

The Drone for Handy project has under itself very rich technical base.

The Youbionics company is engaged in development of models of various elements for 3D - the press, mainly parts of artificial limbs, bionic devices, etc.

However it is details, just plastic elements which need to be collected in something functional.

The novelty is the worked drone model with manipulators in the manner of human hands, free, but needing completion under specific goals.

In a design of the UAV "Handys" manipulators are used.

To them at least 11 more SG90 or Arduino Nano servomotors are required to set them in motion.

After that the drone will be able to operate with hands — but its opportunities will be a little limited, in view of the small power of all system.

But just therefore Tsicarez the child not as a commercial product also positions the, and it is rather as preparation for enthusiasts who will be able to turn it into something useful.

Comments about Youbionics presented the drone with bionic hands
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