Comments about The most dangerous laptop in the world is sold for 1.3 million dollars

The most dangerous laptop in the world is sold for 1.3 million dollars

The laptop under the name The Persistence of Chaos is sold by an auction for the record sum of $1.

345 million.

Formally, it is just the Samsung NC10 laptop on which the selection of computer viruses is stored.

But not accidental — and the most glorified in the history because of damage caused by them.

"Constancy of chaos" – a new surprising artifact of a digital era.

The company on cyber security of Deep Instinct set for the artist Guo About Dong the unusual task: it was necessary to create the physical, material embodiment of those dangers which threaten virtual digital space.

A subject which has to become museum piece or a part of a collection, but at the same time to comprise real threat.

As an ancient artifact in which souls of demons are ground, in the theories capable again to return chaos and a distemper to the real world.

As filling of the hard drive of the laptop such "masterpieces" of a virusostroyeniye as WannaCry, from 200,000 infected systems and damage in $4 billion are chosen.

And BlackEnergy which brought down power supply system of Ukraine.

There is also legendary ILOVEYOU, malvera of MyDoom, SoBig and DarkTequila.

The total real harm done by them in different years is estimated at $95 billion.

That the evil remained in an imprisonment, at the laptop all network interfaces are dismantled.

Yes, the skillful Computer scientist will be able to open a way to malicious software in the Internet, but in volume and an essence of the idea.

Digital angrily safely in itself also wakens only at will of the person — and till that time it can peacefully be stored at all on a look.

Comments about The most dangerous laptop in the world is sold for 1.3 million dollars
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