Comments about The starting Duo display will make any laptop two-screen

The starting Duo display will make any laptop two-screen


Expanded screen space very existence of the bulky peripheral device — is useful in work with the laptop, and here; on the contrary, will cause inconveniences. Duo accessory from Mobile Pixels startup – the compact display which is mounted near the basic screen when in him there is a need can become a compromise.

For installation of Duo it is necessary to paste on the top cover of the laptop of a tape with magnets on which the second display is installed. Fastening is mobile, there is an opportunity to put forward the display on the right or to the left of the main screen, to disconnect and put nearby, to develop and show to other person the desktop for the solution of joint tasks. Duo diagonal 12,5 inches, it weighs 680 grams and has the rating of energy consumption of Energy Star.

The starting Duo display will make any laptop two-screen

For contact with the laptop uses a usual USB cable, the system is compatible to the Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and Chrome platforms. Duo can be applied practically with any computer or a gadget, in the presence of necessary ON. Cost for early investors of a startup will be $169.

Mobile Pixels has already collected in 9 times more of the required sum, and the first copies of Duo will go on sale in the fall of the current year.

Comments about The starting Duo display will make any laptop two-screen
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