Comments about Energizer presented the strangest smartphone for the history

Energizer presented the strangest smartphone for the history

The Power Max P18K Pop smartphone presented in Barcelona at the international Mobile World Congress exhibition by the Energizer company deserved some of the most ambiguous estimates of salon.

The reason for that – its extremely uncommon technical characteristics.

It is worth beginning with the record-holder accumulator with a capacity of 18,000 mAh which have to last for 50 days of work in a waiting mode.

According to the experts, the speech goes more likely about attempt "to cross" the smartphone with a pauerbanok that led to increase in thickness of the gadget up to 18 mm.

In comparison with the numerous "slender" fellows the child from Energizer looks the real monster who will be located not in each pocket.

But even at such impressive build on the smartphone there was no place to the socket for earphones.

In a word, new phone is surprisingly similar to a brick with an electronic stuffing.

Energizer presented the strangest smartphone for the history

While also the one whom Power Max P18K Pop as a result can interest remains a riddle.

For example, it will hardly suit fans of extreme tourism and other types of active holiday because of insufficient protection against dust, moisture and weak crash-worthiness.

The same bewilderment is caused by the gadget price – 600 euros.

Today it is quite possible to buy the compact smartphone with very decent characteristics and attractive design for such money.

For this reason commercial prospects of Power Max P18K Pop which start of sales is planned for the beginning of summer remain undecided so far.

Comments about Energizer presented the strangest smartphone for the history
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