Reviews HubblePhone is announced – the conceptual smartphone which will never make

HubblePhone is announced – the conceptual smartphone which will never make

A few years ago the Turing Robotic Industries company was presented by model of the Turing Phone smartphone with exotic functionality. But almost at once I have given on bankruptcy and the novelty has even not reached shops. Recently it has become clear that as commercial structure, Turing Robotic Industries is very alive and ready to intrigue us with the new HubblePhone smartphone.

Looks this as the parody to old phones folding beds, with the huge hinged mechanism where for some reason from all directions have attached touch screens. And not some, but "Hybrid-Glass-PMMA Over AMOLEDs" as it is specified in the specification. Why there is a lot of? For example, because each of halves of the device works under own Keplerian OS on the basis of FreeBSD, plus is the uniting system on Android 9.0.

HubblePhone is announced – the conceptual smartphone which will never make

As at the good monster from myths, heart of the smartphone are carried on a body, is in each segment of the device and are presented by Snapdragon 855 chips which the producer doesn't have in a price. Probably, then that here "the emotional machine intelligence" is realized what it wouldn't mean. Is also the whole six digital cameras, the most abrupt of which has a matrix on 60 Megapixels and a 15-fold zoom. Add to it the stated support of networks 5G in each half of the smartphone – here such know-how.

of Turing Robotic Industries promises that it will begin sale of HubblePhone in the 2020th, at the price of $2749 apiece. Allegedly, the prototype needs completion then will become foremost of leaders in the branch. But experts only skeptically hem, suspecting the next swindle.
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