Reviews The first smartphone with technology of augmented reality Project Tango

The first smartphone with technology of augmented reality Project Tango

Became presented to Lenovo Phab2 Pro by the first smartphone supporting Project Tango technology from Google. The ambitious platform of augmented reality gives to the mobile phone the chance "to feel" the environment. Except the Phab2 Pro smartphone, the company has presented to public two more models of the middle class Phab2 Plus and Phab2, but already without support of Project Tango.

Project Tango is not only graphics which is imposed on what is seen by the phone camera. It is technology which models a surrounding situation in three-dimensional space. Thanks to it, navigation becomes more precisely, games more fascinating, and applications can take advantage of reading of surrounding space without GPS or previously loaded cards.

The first smartphone with technology of augmented reality Project Tango

of Phab2 Pro rather big smartphone, by the size close to the tablet, with the 6,4-inch Quad HD screen (with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels). He weighs 259 grams that on 65  the % is heavier, than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 6s Plus.

Lenovo notes that in the device three main technologies working thanks to additional sensors are used: tracking of the movement, perception of depth and storing of areas of space. The smartphone is capable to take 250 thousand measurements a second.

The first smartphone with technology of augmented reality Project Tango
If you try to understand

what is done by Project Tango technology, then present an opportunity to see how the virtual sofa looks at you in a drawing room, and then bypass around him in 3D - space on the smartphone screen. It is also possible to receive the accurate instruction how to find a way in big office at which GPS signals aren't caught.

Representatives of Lenovo report that all three smartphones of the range Phab2 will be available worldwide since September of this year.

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