Reviews Anti-smartphone is developed for people who … hate phones

In life of many users of mobile phones sometimes there comes the moment when there is a wish though at several o'clock to send the gadget where far away. There are also those in whom only one his look already causes irritation.

Runcible – the experimental smartphone developed to Berkeley, the State of California. He reminds the pocket watch more, is very compact and easily is located in a palm. On his flat face the round 2.6-inch screen is located, and from the reverse, convex side there is an opening for the camera.

The main difference of Runcible from the "traditional" fellows that it doesn't give sound signals or preventions why it was called "anti-smartphone".

It is expected

that Runcible will be issued in wooden and plastic cases. The plastic option is planned to be made of the waste floating on open spaces of the World Ocean.

Creators of a gadget have placed on Indiegogo a campaign for fund raising for start of mass production of the device. The expected price of "anti-smartphone" — 499 dollars.
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