Reviews Apple has patented the device blocking cameras during the concerts

Apple has patented the device blocking cameras during the concerts

The Apple Company has patented the device which is switching-off the iPhone cameras during the large-scale concerts. The patent has received the name "System and Method of Data Acquisition through Infrared Connection by the Camera Intended for Detection of Images on the basis of Visible Light".

The system consists of the infrared device for transfer of the coded signals located directly on the stage and the receiver (iPhone) which having received and having deciphered a signal, turns off functions of a photo and video filming.

Apple has patented the device blocking cameras during the concerts

Specialists of Apple already expect a wave of mass discontent of users of mobile devices who will be deprived thus by opportunities to remove speeches of their favourite performers. But, as it has appeared, the majority far isn't excited about the "sea of iPhones" filling auditoriums during the concerts and blocking the review. The famous British singer Adele has so commented on it:

"I here in real life therefore you can enjoy music in real life, but not via the camera".

On the other hand, one of participants of discussion of the patent has expressed opinion that the audience has paid money for the ticket and have full authority to watch a concert though through a kaleidoscope, having put on itself national suits.
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