Reviews Snowden develops the cover for iPhone finding wiretap

Snowden develops the cover for iPhone finding wiretap

The Famous unmasker of illegal activity of the American intelligence agencies Edward Snowden works on creation of a protective cover for iPhone informing the user that listen to him. In a cover the measuring device controlling signals from internal antennas of phone will settle down.

Development of the device is based on the assumption that smartphones are vulnerable for breaking by intelligence agencies even in the switched-off state. Also activation of Aviarezhim who turns off signaling only programmatically doesn't save.

Snowden is helped by the specialist in hacking of "iron" Andrew Huang living in Singapore. The device concept video presentation at a conference of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has already taken place.

The cover will have own processor to avoid possible influence of the malware from phone. Existence in a cover of the small screen on which the status of the transmitted data and the button of full switching off of phone will be displayed is supposed.

Snowden develops the cover for iPhone finding wiretap

the Cover first of all intends for the journalists working in zones of the conflicts to hide their location. Development of a prototype has to come to the end until the end of the year.
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It is known that modern digital technologies have two extremes. On the one hand is almost boundless access to information, and with another – the increased possibilities of digital malefactors that has already brought and still for certain will bring many troubles. The former employee of the NSA