Reviews 10 easy ways to keep a smartphone battery charge

10 easy ways to keep a smartphone battery charge

With the advent of new power-intensive smartphone applications like popular nowadays Pokemon Go, users feverishly look for opportunities to prolong time of operation of the battery from charging up to charging.

According to the chemical engineer of the London university college Paul Shiringa, there are several easy ways to solve this problem.

1. To close applications

Smartphones consume a lot of energy for providing several working applications, and many operating systems can prompt to the owner how many each of them consumes. It is necessary only to disconnect applications which you don't use at present.

2. To disconnect GPS

Service for positioning "is also very gluttonous". If you don't use him – disconnect.

3. To disconnect push-notices

For economy of a resource of the battery it is quite possible to do without notices of new letters in social networks.

4. To update the software

the Majority of phones have built in ON especially for energy economy. It is necessary to update it to the latest version. Many phones also have the special mode of energy saving.

5. To switch off Bluetooth

If there is no need for wireless connection to other gadgets, also without prejudice to communication quality turn off this service, having ensured several excess business hours of phone.

6. To lower screen brightness

Include automatic configuration of brightness of the screen. And for bigger economy it is possible to darken the screen manually when in light.

7. It is better to use Wi-Fi

Access to data through Wi-Fi connection consumes less energy, than through mobile networks. Wireless Internet access can usually be included through the main menu of settings.

8. It is necessary to be convinced that phone doesn't overheat

Smartphones are pocket computers which in difference from the stationary fellows have no cooling system and therefore we are inclined to overheating. Acceptable temperature range of the smartphone is from 0 to 35  °C. Best of all the gadget feels at the room temperature. It isn't recommended to load him during a strong heat. It can result in malfunction of the battery.

9. To remove a cover

In certain cases at charging of phone makes sense to remove a cover to avoid overheating of the accumulator what its capacity suffers from. However it is rather exceptional case, with the majority of covers everything has to be as it should be.

10. The recharge won't be

For modern lities - ion batteries doesn't matter with what level of their charging began to recharge. After the termination of charging the charger is automatically switched-off, and nothing threatens the smartphone if you have forgotten to disconnect him from network.
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