Reviews The review of the LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone

The review of the LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone

Has founded Internet giant LeEco the Chinese businessman Jia Yeting 12 years ago. However, then the company was called LeTV and its primary activity consisted in granting media content, like in what YouTube and Netflix are engaged. LeEco continues to develop this undoubtedly "pot of gold" also today, offering millions of users tens of thousands of series and thousands of movies.

For last years the company has grown "from children's panties" and began to put billions earned in strimingovy service in the most perspective directions – production of the smartphones and electric vehicles capable to compete with such giants as Apple, Samsung and Tesla.

This year "daughter" of LeEco – the LeRee company which will promote a product in the Russian, East European markets and in the CIS countries was born. It is possible not to doubt the seriousness of a newly appeared Chinese industrial dragon. An example of that is the Le Max 2 smartphone.

1. Packing and a set of delivery

If theater begins with a hanger, then the elite smartphone, certainly, with packing. Le Max 2 have her – exact repetition of what we saw at Le 2. The strict, graceful box which is pasted over with a black opaque film can be compared to a tuxedo where in an ideal order everything is spread out without what the smartphone – the orphan safely: the adapter, the adapter with USB Type-C, a silicone cover and a cable of synchronization. On the worthy place even a paper clip for opening of a SIM tray in the neighbourhood with the short instruction.

The review of the LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone

2. Features of design, the display, ergonomics

"appearance" Le Max 2 and its predecessors – absolute twins. The design without any delicacy, almost faceless, but bad to call his language won't turn. Some experts call similar models "the murderer of leaders", emphasizing with that their potentially high competitiveness.

The modest charm of Le Max 2 is looked through in a wide false-framework from below and from above the screen and in a fingerprinta — the scanner of fingerprints with a smooth surface. When developing a back part of the case as material preference has been given to aluminum.

The review of the LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone

In front practically all surface is closed by the tempered glass. Incidental "parts" in the form of ideally pasted antenna caps on a back surface are assigned to plastic in a gadget. In general the case looks and felt how something monolithic where difficult it (is almost impossible) to imagine such shameful phenomena as a side play, a scratch or a crash.

Several words about ergonomics of Le Max 2. Here she practically differs in nothing from other analogs with 5-7-inch screen. The arrangement of the ultrasonic scanner of fingerprints of Qualcomm Sense ID on the back panel causes some inconvenience though to the scanner in respect of the speed and accuracy of functioning of claims isn't present.

The review of the LeEco Le Max 2 smartphone

In Le Max 2 uses the USB Type-C socket intended for transfer of audio-broadcasting on the decoding chip. In turn in naushn
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