Reviews WhammyPhone — bend the smartphone to play a melody

WhammyPhone — bend the smartphone to play a melody

The First child of the Human Media Lab team was the ReFlex smartphone which reacted to case bends, leafing through pages of the virtual book. Now they have gone further and have developed a prototype of symbiosis of a musical instrument and a flexible communicator. According to doctor Royel Vertigal, it is essentially new mode of work with a sound, interactions of the person and the device.

WhammyPhone is executed in a phablet format with the display on flexible light-emitting diodes of FOLED. Extreme display resolution 1920x1080, he touch also supports standard gestures of management. It is possible to call a product the smartphone with great reserve – the gadget has no own computing power, he uses a signal from the desktop computer. It is rather just right to speak about the innovative interface, than about the independent device.

Highlight of WhammyPhone — in the massif of the sensors of a bend placed in the thickness of the case. How the user deforms it, bends or twists, is interpreted in the form of digital teams, processed and used for generation of a sound. Here imitation of feedback, kinestetichesky interaction which will help professional musicians "to feel the tool is simulated". And therefore they can intuitively take bar or play a short riff.

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