Comments about The pandemic is coming: Universal Studios is moving all the film awards online

The pandemic is coming: Universal Studios is moving all the film awards online

Universal Studios announced that from March 20, all currently rolling new movies, including the films Stealth Man, Hunt and Emma, will be moved online at a price of $20 per view.

Cash charges over the weekend showed the worst results since 1995, and ahead is the massive closure of cinema for quarantine throughout the United States.

But how to return the money spent on film production when all the audience is sitting at home? Access to films will be provided through various venues, and for some film products, including the new hit "Trolls.

World Tour, "the release will take place directly online.

Although the $20 price tag is not even for a personal copy, but only for viewing - it is five times more expensive than a similar service on Amazon, as iTunes other digital retailers, for Hollywood it is a gesture of amazing generosity.

Or a desperate attempt to minimize losses in the face of an acute industry crisis caused by a pandemic.

To understand the scale, here is the information from the Digital Entertainment Group report: in 2019 the world rental generated $42.5 billion of profit to film companies, and sales of digital and physical copies of films - only $9.3 billion.

The difference is enormous and Universal Studios "attempts to partially compensate for the lost profits are understandable.

Comments about The pandemic is coming: Universal Studios is moving all the film awards online
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