Comments about The Japanese company Kyocera officially has presented to Kyocera ultrathin loudspeakers

Smart Sonic Sound
Has presented the new development – ultrathin loudspeakers . As expected, they will be used in tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops and TVs.

New loudspeakers have received the name Smart Sonic Sound. They consist of the piezoelectric actuator and a special thin film. The Smart Sonic Sound system thanks to which they can reproduce various audioeffects with high quality and purity is provided in loudspeakers.

Smarts Sonic Sound are available in three options of the different size. Dimensions of the first, largest, sound panel are equal to 70 x 110 x 1,5 mm, and weight – 23 g. Range of her reproduced frequencies fluctuates from 200 to 20 000 Hz. The average panel has the sizes of 35 x 65 x 1,0 mm and 7 g weigh. Its frequency range is equal to 500-20 000 Hz. And here the smallest loudspeaker, 19,6 x 27,5 x 0,7 mm in size is also powerful in 1 g, works with frequencies from 600 to 20 000 Hz.

The producer notes that these loudspeakers are already used in 55-inch curved TVs of LG Electronics about which we more than once told.

Comments about The Japanese company Kyocera officially has presented to Kyocera ultrathin loudspeakers
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