Comments about The new microchip will make smartphones even more cleverly

The new microchip will make smartphones even more cleverly

Modern smartphones have a high computing capacity. Most of them have separate processors for graphics. It does them by more productive, than there were desktop computers 10 years ago. However specialists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology managed to develop the microchip which will make our pocket "supercomputers" even quicker.

The new chip under the name Eyeriss in is much similar to modern graphic GPU processors. By their example, Eyeriss has the whole group of processor kernels which allows to cope with parallel calculations successfully. In other words, the chip will be able to process a set of data flows unlike usual CPU at once.

But why Eyeriss is necessary if there is already GPU? Answer — the self-trained systems, like neural networks. They allow artificial intelligence to study and solve complex problems — so easy for the person and excessive for the computer. Here recognition of objects, decoding of a voice, predictive input the text and other functions belongs.

The new microchip will make smartphones even more cleverly

of Eyeriss will allow your smartphone to look via the camera at the world around and to distinguish him. The new chip will make it in real time and without huge expenses of energy of batteries. Thanks to such opportunities, there will be absolutely new services connected with recognition of images.

Producers of Nvidia and Qualcomm chips already work on similar technology.

Comments about The new microchip will make smartphones even more cleverly
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