Comments about The ReRAM chip – now storage and data processing became possible in one element

The ReRAM chip – now storage and data processing became possible in one element

Architecture of the personal computer where information is stored in one module, calculations happen in another, and there are tires for data transmission between them, has become morally outdated last century. However effective commercial devices "all-water" became available only recently. The Nanyansky university of Singapore stakes on "resistive switches" ReRAM – new technology which has allowed to create the chip uniting data storage and computing processes in one element.

The memristors which are the cornerstone of ReRAM are good the fact that they store information, changing coefficient of electric resistance. This effect remains even after power off. On activating memory and to begin signal transmission on tires this, only symbolical expenses of energy are required. Plus the high potential for miniaturization and scaling when huge logical structures can be recreated in the tiny volume of space.

ReRAM or "memristors" are pleasant to the Singapore scientists not only the indicators of energy efficiency, but also the fact that give chance to realize an old dream – to say goodbye to binary system in IT. To present, write down information through the sequence 1 and 0 very easily physically, but when you begin her decoding, it turns into monotonous Sisyphean task. What a difference ternary system – only one more symbol, but what gain of efficiency!

In ternary system there is 0, 1 and 2, and a memory like ReRAM just and allows to realize storing of data in an analog format in three positions with an accurate gradient. Without energy expenses, without the old expensive principle "on/off". So effectively, how many and difficult – in due time in the USSR have far overtaken the western science in this field, but when business has reached creation of applied systems, everything has failed under a heap of problems.

That it is even more interesting, the ReRAM technology allows not to be limited to three states – at their due calibration there can be a set. In the theory, here he, a key to creation of multidimensional systems of memory where on a chip of today's size it will be stored and be processed at the same time in billions if not trillions times more data.

Comments about The ReRAM chip – now storage and data processing became possible in one element
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