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The new Game Boy runs without batteries - but goes off every 10 seconds
The Question of confidentiality of data is thin, and people will be always need tools for protection of personal data. Software engineers from the University of Toronto who have developed the special filter for personal photos have attended to it. Now you can distribute the pictures in the Internet
Specialists of the Russian RTI concern have developed the unique radar for detection of the pinpoint land targets. With his help, for example, now it is possible to find the soldiers of the alleged opponent who are taking refuge in the dense wood. The device has received the name "Multipurpose
The New planet has been found within programs for studying of young stars of SHINE and DISK. As The Guardian reports, discovery was made by the staff of the European southern observatory by means of one of the most powerful VLT telescopes (Very Large Telescope). "Newborn" is at distance of 370
The Last pictures of a surface of Pluto made the New Horizons spacecraft have made the real splash. This most detailed image of our far neighbor in Solar system for the last decades. The landscape of Pluto strikes with the variety. Thanks to resolution of 80 meters to pixel, for example, the
B 2012 Management of naval researches of the USA (ONR) has started implementation of the five-year program for creation of system of autonomous flight for helicopters of Naval Forces. And now the Aurora Flight Sciences company which is a part of Boeing corporation, one of leaders in creation of
is presented to That the fighting UAV was successful and effective, it isn't obligatory for it to be large-size. The Textron manufacturing company positions the child as "murderer" of both tactical, and strategic UAVs from among those that are adopted by NATO countries. The latest, perspective
is constructed by construction of one of the most ambitious engineering constructions in the world – a sliding sarcophagus over the emergency 4th block of the Chernobyl NPP Has come to the end. The construction carries the name "New Safe Konfaynment" (NSK). It presents itself the biggest in
to the International airline Qantas of Australia is going to become the first commercial airline offering the most extended non-stop flights from Australia to Europe by means of the new Dreamliner Boeing-787-9 liner on distance to 14498 km. In plans of the company to make the first flight in
In the 21st century technology of subvocalization endures revival – the group of scientists of MIT under the leadership of Arnava Kapoor develops a font for control of the computer without participation of a voice. They managed to exclude almost completely an acoustic component by transfer of words
Bedfan Version 1.5-B This is the upgraded Original Bed Fan, built in TEXAS with mostly American made parts, NOT in CHINA like some copies, with over 80% All American Made Parts... You will need to select the size based on your bed height, Most beds will be in the 27" - 37" range., if your bed is