Clever vibroinsoles will correct gait, will improve dexterity and flexibility of a body

The vibroinsoles Developed by specialists of Harvard University can be used by people of all age for improvement of touch indicators, gait, balance and mobility when walking. And process of their work, something reminding a usual tickling, is almost imperceptible.

Vibroinsoles have been created by results of the researches conducted earlier. Already the first experiences have yielded positive results: young and elderly people began to get rid of the defects of gait caused by consequences of a stroke and diabetes.

In two last researches of Vissa Institute (Harvard University) scientists have studied influence of low-frequency vibration on legs of amateur athletes. The received results have shown efficiency of technology for decrease in traumatism in the course of jogs and foot walks on the basis of improvement of balance and dexterity of legs.

In vibroinsoles the stochastic resonance – the mechanical noise in the form of casual vibrations improving touch indicators is used. The effect is reached, thanks to the built-in tiny piezoelectric drives.

During the experiments their participants carried heavy backpacks, imitated rise uphill on the racetrack to a condition of fatigue. At the same time increase in width of a step and stability when walking has been recorded.
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