Clever trousers will report about an unbuttoned fly

When the mankind reaches unprecedented heights of development, it will begin to create thousands of new hi-tech startups every day. All these people will cardinally change our idea of the simplest things. For an example, quite recently the best minds of Silicon Valley have found the way "blow up" the industry of fasteners.

A startup under the name Chaotic R& Has offered D the most powerful innovation in the world of locks lightnings from the moment of their invention in the 1800th years — system which sends the notice if your width is undone. Name of an ingenious invention — Noti-fly.

The device represents a flexible electronic payment which is built in a zipper on trousers and controls a condition of a fly. If you have forgotten to button trousers, the device sends the notice to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It becomes simpler to live.
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