GoHawk device: we operate the camera s the help of a mouth

GoHawk device: we operate the camera s  the help of a mouth

Depending on that how extreme video you shoot, it is sometimes problematic to reach the record inclusion shutdown button. For this reason many users of GoPro use for this purpose mobile applications or wireless panels attached to a hand. But even for them it is necessary to hold one hand free.

The GoHawk system will allow you to operate shooting really without hands — by means of a mouth. The device represents the expansion module for GoPro Hero 4 and fastens on a reverse side of the camera.

GoHawk has three ports: one — for a portable light-emitting diode, another — for connection of the external battery of food and the third — the remote switch operating record. The switch can be in three modifications: for management of teeth, language and in the form of the simple button with universal fastening.

GoHawk device: we operate the camera s  the help of a mouth

At activation of record the portable LED indicator which can be fixed in the convenient place, for example, in a helmet lights up.

The device just prepares for production. But developers have already started a campaign on Kickstarter for the purpose of collecting funds for financing of the project. Posted price of the device — 170 dollars.
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