The refrigerator with the magnetic cooling system

The refrigerator with the magnetic cooling system

Perhaps is created, ordinary refrigerators will have a strong contender with the magnetic cooling system already soon. The idea of use of magnetic field as means of cooling of substance is known long ago, however experts managed to embody it in household "iron" the French company Cooltech Applications.

Operation of the cooling system of the unusual refrigerator is based on so-called magnetocaloric effect at which temperature of material can change under the influence of magnetic field. For this purpose he is exposed to cyclic magnetization and demagnetization. Further through the cooled material cooling liquid is pumped over, transferring heat from an internal part of the refrigerator outside.

The refrigerator with the magnetic cooling system
the New refrigerator is very economic

. The matter is that it is the share of work of compressor system of the ordinary refrigerator to a half of all energy consumed by it. Here it should be added natural noise from his work and vibration. Also harm of gaseous coolants for the environment is known. Influence of magnetic field is minimum. It is commensurable with influence of magnetics which we "mold" on the refrigerator.

The first commercial MRS400 refrigerator has the power of 400 W that allows him to maintain temperature within the recommended levels of storage of products — from 2 to 5  °C. Creation of the industrial cooling systems is in the long term possible.
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