Lelo has presented contraceptive means s hexagonal structure

Lelo has presented contraceptive means s  hexagonal structure

In many cases 98  % of success — it is very worthy result. But if to say about condoms, then the remained two percent at all not what it is worth aspiring to. Producer of toys for adults the Lelo company has decided to bring order here and has submitted the hi-tech version of a protective product with advanced hexagonal structure.

According to developers, on six-sided design of their surface the decanter with his impressive subtlety and durability has pushed. The material which has turned out as a result provides the best protection, than classical options. Say that the product was already approved by none other than Charlie Shin.

Lelo has presented contraceptive means s  hexagonal structure

Now Lelo looks for support on the crowdfunding Indiegogo platform where nearly 200 thousand dollars or 1153  are collected already; % of the sum demanded initially.

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