Comments about The JPMorgan Chase bank uses video games for staff recruitment

The JPMorgan Chase bank uses video games for staff recruitment

Trainees who want to get a job in JPMorgan bank have to play video games.

Such pilot program was developed by Pymetrics — startup; she uses artificial intelligence for assessment of candidates on various indicators, including attention, memory and tendency to altruism.

It is necessary to prove to be in business, let and solving game problems, and it was far more effective than questionnaires and interviews.

Matt Mitro, the head of department of recruiting in a campus of JPMorgan, told about a global idea to rethink philosophy of how it is necessary to look for new shots.

How precisely one, obviously prejudiced person, estimates abilities of another if that, besides, obviously seeks to distort real indicators in own favor? And here AI you will not deceive, you will not fool by fine words, it estimates neurobiological indicators of players and builds their profiles.

Games simple, not thematic, but dynamic.

For example, to manage to fill with water the maximum quantity of balloons, without having torn any.

There is no tactics, criteria of a victory are intentionally contradictory, but there are some accurate markers of success and "red lines".

In a word, all as in the real, responsible work of the manager or agent.

To deceive a system it is unreal as it does not provide sufficient freedom of action especially as not the victory and as it is reached by the specific person is important.

It happens to play games and to the acting employees, from among future colleagues of candidates.

It is necessary to compare profiles and to draw a conclusion as far as trainees are ready to similar work, what their potential in training.

The pilot program will work till 2020 then will define – to adopt it as the regular instrument of selection of candidates, or to leave for emergency.

Comments about The JPMorgan Chase bank uses video games for staff recruitment
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