Comments about CRISPR helped to create the binuclear computer in a human cage

CRISPR helped to create the binuclear computer in a human cage

The Swiss scientists used instruments of editing a genome by the CRISPR method to creation of biocomputers.

They made a start from the idea that living cell – already ready computer system capable to accept data from the outside and to process them.

And all human body can be considered as the supercomputer with tremendous opportunities at symbolical energy consumption – that it could work, there is enough also a bowl of soup.

Use of natural processes of metabolism for creation of logic diagrams is the key purpose of synthetic biology.

Scientists from Zurich applied the modified version of CRISPR to assembly of special option of Cas9 enzyme.

It works as the simplest processor – can "consider" information from RNA molecules, activate in reply an expression of certain genes that will lead to synthesis of proteins which are easy for finding.

It works as Basic logical Element on the basis of which all schemes of processing of the binary code are designed.

Scientists managed to squeeze in one conditional cell two such processing kernels and received the functional computing module.

If a tax on its entrance information in the form of biomarkers, it makes calculations and will submit the answer – yes or no, or one substance for which analysis it is programmed, or another.

Actually for the analysis of difficult biomarkers of one module will be insufficiently, but to unite thousands and even billions of modules in uniform architecture – this that task which on printed circuit boards was solved still half a century back.

Now scientists had a chance to repeat success in a type of living cells and to learn literally "to grow up in a test tube" supercomputers of any power which for work will be needs only a sugar spoon.

Comments about CRISPR helped to create the binuclear computer in a human cage
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