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Bernard Fabrov Laboratories of computer sciences and artificial intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were announced the decision epoch-making crypto - a puzzle.

It was specially developed in the 1999th to check forecasts of the advanced stars of that time of IT technologies concerning rates of development of the industry.

Initially was considered that on search of the solution of a task about 35 years will leave, but two independent applicants coped 15 years quicker.

The puzzle is not strongly difficult in itself, but it is designed by the principle of "function of the checked delay" — that is, the answer can be received only after a certain quantity of steps.

To exclude a possibility of application of parallel calculations, to remove temptation of use of supercomputers for the solution of a task, authors added several conditions.

In fact, it is necessary to execute as soon as possible consecutive squaring of initial number of 80 trillion times.

As Ron Rivest, one of authors crypto - a puzzle — explains; the idea was in tracing as computing power for carrying out operation of squaring will change.

And as people will learn to apply them to the solution of real cryptographic problems, for example, of scaling a blockchain structures or the organizations of safety of use of cryptocurrencies.

He recognizes that he underestimated rates of development of the industry therefore the decision and was found the predicted term much earlier.

The programmer self-educated person Bernard Fabro from Belgium who on the ordinary home PC with the Intel processor Core i7-6700 and GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library for 3.

5 years carried out all necessary calculations became the winner.

It was competed by the team of professor Simon Peffers which used a new algorithm of squaring from the scientist Erdints Oztyurk from the Sabangchi University.

They used the programmable hardware FPGA accelerator, and calculation of result with its help will take only two months.

But the answer will be received only on May 11 the 2019th therefore the victory is awarded by Fabro.

Comments about The programmer self-educated person solved a cryptographic puzzle which held on 20 years
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