Comments about Microsoft and Alphabet developed a course for training of quantum programmers

Microsoft and Alphabet developed a course for training of quantum programmers

The concept of quantum computers looks, certainly, is promising, but to its embodiment there can pass a lot of time.

Nevertheless, preparation for their emergence already began.

Decided to begin with Microsoft together with Alphabet X and Brilliant training of specialists in quantum programming already now.

The online courses developed by them on quantum calculations begin with acquaintance with the basic concepts – the Microsoft Q# language.

Then future experts learn to write "simple" quantum algorithms, and then pass to more difficult sections.

Everyone to master a course (without going into subtleties of quantum physics), will have an opportunity to work out tasks and to study quantum schemes by means of the simulator which will check results of training.

Courses will be paid, but short – from 16 to 24 hours.

The two first occupations will be available absolutely free of charge.

Developers of the program guarantee to graduates that following the results of training they behind shoulders will have "100 lines of the full quantum code".

Comments about Microsoft and Alphabet developed a course for training of quantum programmers
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