Comments about The very first personal computer has left s hammer za 34000 euros

The very first personal computer has left s  hammer za  34000 euros

Seem, we have lived up to time of emergence of rare computers which can be compared, for example, to the first cars of Henry Ford. One of such "dinosaurs" of the beginning of a computer era – the Kenbak-1 personal computer, an exhibit of the Boston Museum of computers founded by one of cofounders of Apple Steve Wozniak. The auction where Kenbak-1 was sold at auction for 34000 euros became the next stage of his long life.

In 1971 he was created by the electronics engineer John Blankenbaker, the founder of the Kenbak Corporation company. Then he has aimed to develop the available computer for schools and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS where pupils mastered practical programming.

The computer of 6,3 kg weighs. The electronic stuffing is placed in the blue polygonal steel case. It should be noted that he was created before emergence of microprocessors, and his motherboard is constructed on the small integrated chips. The 8-digit COMPUTER with 256 bytes of memory and with a productivity about 1000 operations per second became result.

John Blankenbaker with the child

the Initial estimated price of Kenbak-1 was 500 dollars which has risen up to 750 dollars later. Unfortunately, this project was failure in a consequence of unsuccessful marketing. In total from 1971 to 1973 about 40 computers have been sold.
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