Comments about In China the most powerful supercomputer v  is created; the world

In China the most powerful supercomputer v  is created; the world

In China the latest supercomputer which has received a rank of the fastest in the world — is developed; Sunway TaihuLight. Its productivity is 93 thousand trillions operations per second. The computer is entirely own development of the country, all his 10,5 million kernels and 40960 knots are made in China.

The new supercomputer became the leader of the updated rating top-500 the most powerful computers of the world. Last year's champion — too the Chinese Tianhe-2 (33,86 petaflop a second) has moved on the second place. The American Titan (17,59 petaflop) has got the third line.

In China the most powerful supercomputer v  is created; the world

Unlike the last leader of a race of calculations of Tianhe-2 which was Chinese too, but the American chips of Intel were its cornerstone, present TaihuLight completely consists only of the details developed and manufactured in China. Oddly enough, Asians managed to pass to domestic developments, thanks to the ban of the USA to export chips of Intel which had to update Tianhe-2.

For what TaihuLight will be used? According to professor Jack Dongarr, the originator of rating top-500 supercomputers, the new COMPUTER will research in the field of natural sciences, analytics of large volumes of information, modeling of terrestrial processes and forecasting of weather.
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