Comments about The Russian researchers develop the computer possessing emotions

The Russian researchers develop the computer possessing emotions

As expected, within one and a half years specialists of National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) will finish system development "The virtual actor".

So unusual name has been dictated by one of the main functions of the system which is carrying out "duties" of the actor who will play a role of the specific person. Developers of artificial intelligence state that it will be able to penetrate into a context of the events and to follow further events.

The Russian scientists want to achieve from the car that it worked as the conceiving person, but not programmed device. She has to formulate the training purposes, define ways of their achievement and answer the questions posed. The expert in the field of cybernetics professor Alexey Samsonovich has so defined the main direction of researches:

"Our task – to formulate on what the basic principles of human intelligence are under construction. From the point of view of adaptability to unexpected situations and ability to training the brain of the person in many respects surpasses AI. We want to simulate these principles on the computer".

The Russian researchers develop the computer possessing emotions

Scientists are going to create the virtual agent in the form of a computer game. The computers existing now in the parameters and memory size quite correspond to humanoid intelligence.

The agent as the real personality, will make kind acts, to give way, help at hard work. Any action assumes emotional implication therefore there are certain relations – trust, submission, leadership, etc. of

"If the person in the virtual world doesn't distinguish the person from the car, — A. Samsonovich, — continues; means we have reached human level, let and in limited volume".
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