Comments about The DARPA builds the Morfeus computer which can't be cracked

The DARPA builds the Morfeus computer which can't be cracked


the DARPA Agency invested $50 million in development of protection against viruses encoders, and the Morfeus project can become the main weapon in fight against them.

Development of specialists of the University of Michigan is based on the simple concept. The computer can't be cracked until the hacker finds and will use vulnerability. And if it is impossible to create an ideal code in which there are no "holes", then it is necessary just to make so that vulnerabilities and weak points of OS "escaped" hackers. Those aren't omnipotent too – if while the attack prepares, the gap will manage to disappear, their plans will be ruined.

$3,6 million for system which is integrated into the hardware are for this purpose already spent. Irrespective of installed on the PO computer, Morfeus in a casual order will "reshuffle" data, keeping operability of system, but in a root changing its architecture. Details are kept a secret as the project is supervised by the Defense Ministry. The DARPA wants to receive the computer which will change independently and constantly that hackers couldn't pick up to him a master key.

In the description of the project it is told: "Imagine that you assemble the Rubik's Cube and already were in the home stretch as suddenly it appears in a chaotic state again. All work goes to nothing and everything should be begun anew". It is Then unimportant whether there are vulnerabilities actually and what. The hacker will never receive enough time that quietly to study system and to reveal her weak points.
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