Comments about The Nimbus Data company has released the most capacious SSD disk in the world — on the 100th terabyte

The Nimbus Data company has released the most capacious SSD disk in the world — on the 100th terabyte

the Samsung company has shown to

last month the 2,5-inch SSD store of 30 Tb, the most capacious at that time in the world. Nowadays the record is broken with the advent of a child of less known company Nimbus Data. Her ExaDrive DC100 model can contain 3,5 inches to 100 Tb and will become the dangerous competitor to the Korean product.

According to Thomas Isaakovich, the CEO of Nimbus Data "to push" more and more data in small physical volume – a deadlock branch of development. Samsung was necessary to develop in parallel superfast methods of record and reading to show, as it is possible to work with such huge volumes comfortably. Have gone to Nimbus Data in other way, and the bandwidth of their store of only 500 MB/sec. that it isn't enough in comparison with competitors.

But the new SSD store is very energy efficient, it consumes on 85  the % is less than energy at the rate on service of 1 Tb of memory, than the current top models. That is in scales of the standard data-center it is millions of money saved on electricity. Plus impressive capacity – such stores will be demanded everywhere where it is necessary to process huge volumes of data without excess expenses.

Nothing is told about the cost of new SSD disks, moreover, they will hardly go on free sale. Nimbus Data prepares exclusive offers for the largest players in the industry of the data-centers, and will already depend on their reaction how demanded will become this technology.
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