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Startup Voyage released a system for remote control of cars
to A few years ago IT giant companies seriously were fond of development of chatbot with pseudo-intelligence as it promised the mass of advantages. From those that lie on a surface: reduction of staff from living people for customer service, improvement of quality of services, new marketing
to in San Francisco Recently the new startup of Necto which to a descent has attracted more than $1,5 million investments has begun to work. This organization is engaged in creation of systems of Internet access of "the last mile". So the conditional piece between the main optical fiber and
The British space startup of OneWeb has collected 1,2 billion dollars for construction and start of a set of satellites which will deliver the high-speed Internet to developing countries. The company promises to begin production in 2018, and by 2022 to connect all schools of the world to the
We live in the world where, thanks to achievements of technical progress, borders of natural human opportunities constantly extend. The startup of students of the University of Tokyo – Lunavity, the compact zaplechny backpack increasing "spring ability" of the person can be an example of that.
, will be so difficult and bulky that the person a priori won't cope with her. It is necessary to transfer everything to tenacious manipulators of robots, the Spanish developers have solved, and have started the project of delivery of parcels Eliport drones. The single individual in "zoo"
As reports the Bloomberg agency, for the last months the Chinese company SenceTime has grown rich for 600 million dollars, helping the government … to watch own citizens. The matter is that SenceTime specializes in development of technologies for face recognition on the basis of artificial
again in recent months the subject of cryptocurrency is among "hottest". Millions of persons interested began to grow rich feverishly her to buy up, or to be engaged in her reproduction (mining). The last category is called still "mayner" of whom the main share of all transactions of cryptocurrency
Statistically one resident of Amsterdam creates 23 kg of plastic waste a year. If to take garbage from three, then it is possible to process it and the 3D method - the press to make a big universal park bench. And it only the beginning, creators of the The New Raw project assure. The idea is
The Startup of Beeline has presented the new gadget – the Beeline Moto navigator calculated on owners of motorcycles. As envisioned by developers, he will replace the traditional GPS sensors and other navigation systems which sometimes are giving program failures and having often very inconvenient
the Italian startup of "Stones Speakers" brings to your attention design speaker systems which feature – the cases entirely turned from a stone. Founders of a startup, Dzhiakomo Minari and Michele Gastadello, have tried to unite modern technologies with traditions of the Italian masons. And to earn