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Quarantined people will spend time online and online gaming, so why not give them a small bonus motivator for forced but so useful self-isolation? To this end, Blizzard 's World of Warcraft administration staged a global action called "Winds of Wisdom." The essence of the action is that for the
While the coronavirus pandemic is cancelling the largest sports tournaments around the world, another Formula One race held last Sunday, no one was going to cancel or even reschedule. The fact is that it is a series of F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix in version F1 of 2019 for computers, in which on
The steady expansion of the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore the non-trivial challenge of how to convince people to stay further apart? One conviction and logical arguments are few, because without society and living communication, most quickly become uncomfortable. In such
Creator of Plague Inc., James Vaughan, confirmed the completion of a fundamentally new game regime dedicated to the disease of COVID-19. It is designed at the immediate request of WHO and is designed to visualize measures and ways to save our world from a global pandemic. If earlier the main plot
The GeForce Now service from NVIDIA updated the list of supported games - including those that implement ray tracing technology. Among the main innovations is the hit Control from studio 505 Games, action with paranormal activity. Gamers will be able to enjoy realistic light effects, but the
The rental service Airbnb introduced a new program with about such a slogan: "We will find accommodation for 100,000 people who help to fight coronavirus." According to it, Airbnb, with the support of owners of various housing, intends to provide a place for rest for 100,000 doctors, emergency
So that children forced to stay at home can spend time usefully, Mojang Studio (developer of the famous Minraft) opened free access to a huge amount of educational content. The platform for its study will be the very space of the game Minraft, in the Marketplace of which the corresponding category
On YouTube, a video with a math lesson conducted by Charles Kumber, a teacher at the Otay Ranch Academy of Arts in San Francisco (USA), is gaining popularity. Its feature is that due to the closure of the educational institution for quarantine the inventive teacher moved into virtual space. And
The Day of the First April Draws is a tradition established in many countries of the world. This year Google, known for its numerous First April jokes, which the company accompanies almost all produced products, decided to change the established custom. The reason is clear: not to jokes, the
Canadian artist Julie Lorin recently launched a live broadcast on Twitch dedicated to microscopic eight-legged animals - slow-moving. And that 's exactly what we need at this difficult time. Streem is part of Julie 's Tiny World Project, which explores microscopic life around us. "Talking about
The U.S. Army has reduced the number of participants in the Future Attack and Rehabilitation (FARA) competition to the right to obtain a contract for the production of a multi-purpose helicopter of the future from five to two. Bell Helicopter (model 360 Invictus) and Sikorsky Aircraft (model
Created last December, the US Space Force launched its first satellite into orbit using a United Launch Alliance rocket. The launch took place on a regular basis, except for a small failure at the start. The satellite, developed by Lockheed Martin, is designed to provide secure communications
In astronomy, a new direction has formed in recent years, aptly dubbed "necroplanetology." Its participants are studying the fate of already dead planets, trying to model what they were in life, what they consisted of and what influence on their star systems. In some ways, it 's akin to how a
In its "past life," the Yondu three-wheeled motorcycle was known as Hypermotard Ducati until it became interested in Vitaliy Selyukov, a specialist of Balamutti (St. Petersburg), a company specializing in motorcycle maintenance, tuning and repair. The main work of Vitaliy is to hold master
One of the streets of the London district of Westminster City was named Electric Avenue, W9 after Siemens and Ubitricity installed electric vehicle charging points integrated into street lights. A Siemens study found that more than a third of British motors see an electric car or hybrid car as
On March 25, after the modernization, which lasted a year and a half, test flights of the world 's largest An-225 "Mria" transport aircraft began near Kiev. According to available information, during the modernization the aircraft received new avionics, as well as replacement of one of the
NASA approved the final concept (of the three previously proposed) of the first fully electric Maxwell X-57 aircraft. The main purpose of its development is to lay the foundation for the creation of standards for certification of future electroletters when they appear on the market. The prototype
In April 2020, China will launch a Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN). This is a national project of enormous scale, which will be launched in 100 cities, and by the end of this year will cover 200 main business centers of the country. The system will be closed to foreigners, participation in
For patients with chronic poorly healing wounds, it is very important that the doctor has constant information about their condition. Scientists at the biotechnology startup Grapheal (France) are currently working on a graphene-based bandage device that can solve this problem. Bandage consists of
The new application of 3D printers has nothing to do with stamping complex engineering parts. Food printed with such a printer changes the structure of the products in such a way that the person feels more fed while consuming less food. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology 's CSAIL HCI
The University of South Australia (UniSA) and Canadian company Draganfly Inc have joined forces to develop a "pandemic drone" that can use special sensors and computer vision to search for people with infectious airway diseases. One of the main problems in the fight against COVID-19 is the rapid
Forced isolation during quarantine stimulates creativity. Sometimes, in very non-trivial ways! Recently on Kickstarter appeared the startup Kranio X, aimed at creating castomous audio speakers decorated in the style of cyberpank. And their founders of the project intend to make them from skulls
Mechanical engineer David Brown of Vanderbilt University (USA) developed the concept of a device that eliminates the main advantage of cyclists over runners. The one that makes a man who relies only on his feet and the physics of their work never compares to the movement of a machine with the
Universal Studios announced that from March 20, all currently rolling new movies, including the films Stealth Man, Hunt and Emma, will be moved online at a price of $20 per view. Cash charges over the weekend showed the worst results since 1995, and ahead is the massive closure of cinema for
Today, it is obvious that the misinformation associated with the pandemic is no less evil than the coronavirus itself. The World Health Organization (WHO) has therefore launched its own official information channel in WhatsApp. It lists phone numbers in many countries around the world, calling
The upcoming spring issue of Playboy magazine will be the last print edition of this brand in the USA, its management reported. From now on, the famous adult magazine will be distributed only digitally, via the Internet. The official reason is that fear of coronavirus forces people to refuse
According to a Gartner study, by 2024, the development of low-code applications will reach 65 & nbsp;% of the total share of orders for new software. About 75 & nbsp;% of business structures will switch to the use of digital tools of their own design, for which programmers will not be involved.
As part of the Manta Ray program, DARPA has contracted with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Navatek LLC to develop a new generation of long-range unmanned underwater vehicles, the Unmanaged Underwater Vehicles (UUV), capable of operating for several months without human maintenance. DARPA
The adoption of combat lasers by the world 's leading armies has become a mainstream of recent years. For example, the United States had already installed the AN/SEQ-3 Laser System (LaWS) on the USS Ponce marine platform in 2014 and the ODIN combat laser on the USS Dewey missile destroyer. Lasers
The newly created U.S. Space Force has its first offensive weapons system. This is the Block 10.2 Communications Silencing System (CCS), which entered service with the 4th Space Force Control Squadron at Peterson Air Base, Colorado. The CCS will be deployed aboard a military transport aircraft.
Most skateboarders prefer to drive through the streets, but the Cycleaegle board is not for them. Its elements are off-road. The Cycleaegle skateboard is equipped with four 1,000-watt brushless electric motors, each driving its wheel to form an independent suspension. Power is provided by a
NASA engineers have once again proved that they are able to solve the most non-trivial tasks in the most difficult conditions. The precedent occurred with the Martian InSight module - during the trial drilling the instrument of the apparatus stuck in the ground of the Red Planet and the operators