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# ing0 #. According to many laptop users, for all its unconditional advantages, the Chrome browser is incredibly "sparkling" in terms of energy consumption - mainly due to the many unnecessary JavaScript trackers and timers on the background tabs. To the credit of Google experts, they finally
Ten years ago, producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin McDonald joined forces with YouTube to shoot a newsreel of one day from Earth's life - July 24, 2010. And now they decided to make a sequel to this epochal film. Scott and McDonald are asking all the inhabitants of the planet to take one day
Electronic Arts launches The Sims Spark's reality show, the idea of which sounds like the dream of millions of gamers. All you need is to go through various trials in The Sims 4 in the fight for the top prize of $100,000. The show starts next week, 12 players will take part in it. The main
The European Space Agency (ESA) published a video from the Mars Express device, which allows you to "fly" over one of the most picturesque craters in Mars - the Crater Coral &# 1105; a. Such videos are usually made up of many frames shot in nadir (strictly down), but topographic data from stereo
A year ago, in July 2019, a Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 discovered an interesting lunar artifact on the slope of Karman Crater in the Aitken South Pole basin. In the duty report, lunar operators called it "gel" or "jelly" for its characteristic wet shine. Research since then has led scientists to
According to Forbes, the US Navy (MSC) shipping command includes a ship with an unusual fate - USNS Lance Cpl. Roy M. Wheat, designed to carry cargo for the Marine Corps. The fact is that three decades ago it bore a completely different name - "Vladimir Vaslyaev" and belonged to the largest
The international team of organizers is preparing to launch the world's first super-speed scooter racing tournament eSkootr Championship (eSC). Its participants will compete on electric scooters, which are able to accelerate to 100 km/h. Races will be held in specially selected urban areas in
Yamaha in 1993 was the first to mass-produce electric bicycles. Her success in this field is beyond doubt, and the other day the company introduced a new model called Civante. Its main advantage is that this is the first electric bike of the third-class brand. Most of the components are made at
The German company Festo showed two new models of unique robots, in the best traditions of this brand already ready for use in production. The BionicSwifts bird robots, created with the Bionic Learning Network, received a new ergonomic wing and the ability to fly "blind." The BionicMobileAssistant
Developed at the University of Liverpool (UK), the new robot serves as a laboratory assistant, it can independently plan and conduct experiments. It was created to help scientists perform routine work, such as finding the optimal reagent for a specific reaction, when hundreds of options need to be
At the end of last year, due to the uncommon wet weather in East Africa, a huge amount of desert locusts appeared. A swarm of insects can cover up to 150 km a day, and Kenya calculated that the peak danger to their territory will be in mid-July. Disinsectors have a few days while young locusts
The architectural bureau of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is famous for its ability to design buildings with a dual purpose. They already have a bridge-museum Twist, a power station-ski resort CopenHill - and now the furniture factory-camping The Plus will be added to them. The project was
Mathias Gutai, professor of architecture at Loughborough University (UK), developed a new type of window in which the glazing is filled with water. Ordinary windows have typical "seasonal" problems - in winter they do not keep warm, and in summer they warm up in the sun, transferring unnecessary
The microscopic structure of the material largely determines how effectively it can absorb impacts. Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) have identified a structure that solves this problem especially well. They printed on a 3D printer cubes with fractal voids, which can be
Ilona Mask drilling company The Boring Company announced its intention to radically accelerate the pace of tunneling. To do this, it needs new technologies and engineering solutions that are proposed to be developed by third-party companies with a specialization in mining equipment and tunneling.
Sony has developed the tiny Reon Pocket gadget, which is inserted into clothes and can cool you in the heat by as much as 5 degrees (or warm by 5 degrees in the cold). To use the device, it is enough to place it in a special inner pocket on a T-shirt, which is at the level of the blades. Sony
# ing0 #. In the journal Scientific Reports, a description of a new device appeared that reduces the volume of sounds passing through an open window. It can be installed in double-panel sliding windows, and it will reduce the external noise volume by 10 decibels. The device consists of 24 small
The authorities of the Japanese city of Yamato have just adopted an unusual law at present prohibiting the use of smartphones during walks. The basis of this decision is the recognition of the public danger of using smartphones while walking through the streets. For all the apparent strangeness
The US Army decided on a new vehicle for accelerated movement of troops in the combat area. It became the ISV combat SUV, created on the basis of the Chevy Colorado medium pickup truck. According to Defense News, the army ordered GM Defense to produce 649 cars worth $214 million by 2028. In the
In the 1940s, Wehrmacht troops already controlled most of Europe and the inhabitants of island Great Britain were desperately looking for a way to delay the inevitable reprisal against them. To this end, the British actively supplied weapons to numerous rebel groups throughout the continent. It
# ing0 #. In the representation of most people far from astronomy, the Sun is in the center of the solar system, and its center, respectively, is in the center of the Sun. At the same time, our main light remains motionless, unlike everything that rotates around it. But this is completely
Virgin Galactic announced on July 28 the presentation of the internal device of its device for tourist flights into space. SpaceShipTwo Due to the restrictions associated with the pandemic, the show will take place in virtual space on the YouTube service. According to representatives of the
According to CNN, the CEO of Omega Ingredients Steve Pierce is working on the creation of the Eau de Space perfume with the smell of space. You can get acquainted with this unusual project at Kickstarter, where about 4,700 subscribers who showed interest in it have already raised $194,000. As a
Almost 100 years ago, French designer Georges Roy thoroughly revised the concept of a classic two-wheeled motorcycle, as a result of which Majestic was born. It was a completely new car with a low chassis, where the body served as a cosmetic coating for the engine, transmission, front and rear
On January 13, 2020, Senegalese-American pop singer Akon (Eikon) announced that he would soon begin construction of his own city in Senegal with an area of 2,000 acres. The city will be built next to the capital of the state of Dakar on a site donated to Eikon by President Maki Sall. The most
Engineers from the Max Planck Society in Dusseldorf and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technologies in Aachen (Germany) have developed a new technology for creating heterogeneous microstructures using 3D printing. To visualize their work, they printed an analogue of the famous Damascus steel.
Protospray (ProtoSpray) is a new type of touch display created at the junction of 3D printing methods and sputtered electronic technology by scientists at the University of Bristol (UK). The video shows how ProtoSpray works when spraying on a cube, hemisphere and flexible tube in the form of a
# ing0 #. Mass electric transport has many more childhood diseases, and the most capricious of them is electromotocycles. They drive and spend energy too quickly, and therefore are used only for small trips, and the bulk of the time is idle. Damon decided that this was irrational, and upgraded
After the removal of restrictions due to quarantine, COVID-19 restaurants in many countries began to work again, and therefore the demand for pseudo-meat returned. According to analysts from Barclays over the next decade, this market could grow to $140 billion, which is a good incentive for the
Researchers at Harvard have developed a new kind of synthetic fiber that combines the best properties of Kevlar and Twaron. This so far nameless material has a strength to punch from a firearm, like a Kevlar, but at the same time it is 20 times more heat-resistant than a twain. But most
# ing0 #. It is one thing to read about dinosaurs that roamed the Earth in time immemorial, and it is quite another to see a giant reptile in the courtyard of their own house. Google made an unexpected move and added 10 dinosaurs in augmented reality to the results of issuing its search engine.
One of the largest retail chains in the United States, Walmart said it was ready to turn 160 parking lots scattered throughout the country near its supermarkets into contactless cinemas. For the family that decides to spend the evening in such a parking lot, popular films and meetings with film