The Global weather cataclysm on Mars, the dust storm which stormed since May of the current year has declined. Because of her touch with the rover Opportunity has been lost still on June 10 and still isn't restored. NASA doesn't lose hope again "to communicate" to Opportunity, but at the same time
Specialists of the European Space Agency (ESA) study a possibility of use of lunar dust as construction material at construction of dwellings, the laying of roads, construction of launch pads and other infrastructure facilities necessary for participants of Moon missions. The purpose of researches
The Team of scientists of the University of the Hawaiian Islands under the leadership of Shuai Li and their colleagues from Brown University claims that they have found incontestable proofs of availability of water ice on both poles of the Moon. Using data of the NASA M3 device – the lunar
to Being one of the leading contractors of NASA, the Lockheed Martin company constantly takes part in development of new systems and modules even if she about it and isn't asked. Current week engineers of the company have presented a concept of the space RV capsule which could become the basic
to the Leader in the field of development of tidal turbines the Scottish engineering company Scotrenewables Tidal Power has reported about what the prototype of the turbine SR2000 with a power of 2 MW created by her for a year of continuous work near the Orkney Islands has developed 3 gvtch
The Israeli company DSRider I have developed the universal single electric vehicle combining properties of the ATV and sigveya – EZRider. He is designed, first of all, for fighters of special forces. Representatives of police, emergency services and just fans of walks on "wheels" will also be able
Hera – the mighty and vindictive Ancient Greek goddess who doesn't suffer the competition. And, probably, not accidentally marketing specialists of the Curtiss company have chosen this name for designation of future electrobike whose concept was named "the goddess of jotas sorts". He will leave in
Representatives of the Chinese national space administration (CNSA) have reported about the forthcoming start from the Sichan spaceport of the carrier rocket Long March 3B by means of which the stationary spacecraft and a moon rover calculated respectively for year and three months of active work
to the South Korean company LG is engaged in a robotization subject more and more actively recently. So last year a series of the robots helping about the house and performing "help" functions at the airports and places of public use has been released. Now the exoskeleton of a lower body under
to Engineers from Sandia National Laboratories have started studying of metal alloys at the level of fundamental mechanisms of behavior of atoms and have almost at once made the discovery applying for sensational. Alloy from 90  % of platinum and 10  the gold %, in general long ago
by That a certain thing was considered as "clever", she has to have the interface to accept teams and to react to them. And it means existence of electronic components and batteries for them, but there is also an alternative. Engineers of the University of California in San Diego have developed
with Sliding sun-protection systems for a long time are used for adjustment of intensity of sunlight. However all of them are put in action by means of the electromechanical drive. To improve the developed habitual scheme — as it often happens recently — the nature has helped.
astronauts at the ISS have mounted last week and have adjusted operation of one special antenna which is intended for the ICARUS project. The international cooperation in use of animals for studying of the world from space (International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space). And if it
B the 2013th "Lunar Laser Demonstration Communication System" (LLDCS) successfully has established connection with the satellite in a lunar orbit. During tests scientists transferred data to distance to 380 thousand km with a speed of 622 megabits a second. Today scientists from Lincoln
the College team from the National University of Singapore successfully has tested a prototype of "a solar multikopter". This flying car has no power source, except sunlight. And it is triumph of professor Aaron Danner who since 2012 has taken part in eight degree projects of students of different
The more on sale will be the products created on 3D-printers the quicker they will begin to be forged – on the same printers, but with violation of technological process for the sake of reduction in cost and a bigger margin. New York University has undertaken development of means of protection
If has filled up the road with snow, has mashed leaves or garbage, has filled in with muddy water, the driver person at the very least, on indirect signs, still can think how to pass. And the self-driving car, without data on a road marking and borders of the carriageway – isn't present. The new
Scientific of Carnegie-Mellon's University under the leadership of the assistant to professor Liening Yao have expanded physical capacities of usual newsprint, having covered it with patterns from the carrying-out thermoplastic. After they have passed electric current through paper, it "has
To Submarines and planes is difficult to contact the friend the friend when they are everyone in the environment. Over water for communication radio waves are used, however they are suppressed by liquid in which sonars and other speaker systems are much more effective. The Massachusetts Institute
The Team of associate professor Radzhesh Menom from the University of Utah has developed technology of passive interception of light passing through usual glass or its analog. For example, almost behind any window there is a lot of all interesting, but to imprint it, we need to put before it the
In medicine there is if not a problem, then a task of disinfecting of catheters and the similar equipment which is intended for long contact with a body of the person. At installation of a catheter the integument makes the way, the hole in protection is formed literally that creates risk of an
Engineers of NASA successfully have tested on the flying models essentially new knot – the drive for folding of a wing based on technology of activation of alloy with shape memory. There are no habitual pneumatic, electromechanical or hydraulic devices, there is no large number of details. The wing
to that horizontal position of the wrist holding a mouse conducts to an overstrain of joints and injuries, it is known long ago. And the decision, an accessory with a vertical or inclined form, is thought up not yesterday. Just for the Logitech company the MX Vertical model became debut on this
to the Designer Michael Young has spent six years for what he called "the mad scientific project". It was the attempt to create an intermediate link between the classical hammer and gvozdemety. The device had to combine function of charging and giving of nails under blow, but at the same time
So far is created many ultrasonic devices for scaring away of insects, however many users quite often complain of their inefficiency. The bracelet of Nopixgo performs the same function, but already by means of electromagnetic waves. Is established that insects and, in particular, mosquitoes
by At the SIGGRAPH conference the Nvidia company has presented several novelties at once. Of them the eighth company platform with the name Turing which is distinguished by deep study of trace of beams is already called main. The new architecture of GPU which is realized in three Quadro RTX
A few years ago the Turing Robotic Industries company was presented by model of the Turing Phone smartphone with exotic functionality. But almost at once I have given on bankruptcy and the novelty has even not reached shops. Recently it has become clear that as commercial structure, Turing Robotic
with of the Western tourists in Hanoi are struck literally by everything – exotic smells, colors, a tropical heat, improbable, almost 100 percent humidity and... huge five-million army of motorcycles and scooters. And it on 7,6 million residents. Terrible concentration of individual
Some manufacturing companies of electric vehicles actively are engaged Recently in development of the single models having high maneuverability in city conditions. But there is a question: How does the electric vehicle of bigger capacity have to look? this week the team from Dusseldorf has
is created by the British company Camcon Automotive has released the first-ever electronic control system of operation of DVS valves. There is neither bent shaft, nor belt drives or springs, at all anything that would connect operation of the concrete valve with a condition of the engine. This
South Korean automobile giant Hyundai - has presented to Kia Motors unique Separated Sound Zone technology (A separate sound wave) — SSZ creating individual sound space for each of four passengers of the car without use of earphones. In other words, she allows each passenger to enjoy
Command of the U.S. Air Force has confirmed information that test launch of the intercontinental Minuteman III ballistic missile from Vandenberg Air Force base has been urgently stopped because of loss of management. On July 31 at 4:42 on the Pacific time after the corresponding team from the earth