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It is no secret for a long time that some hacking can lead to incredibly serious consequences. According to Air Force News, the prosecutor's office of Cologne (Germany) launched an investigation into the death of a patient at the Dusseldorf University Hospital, which was caused by hacking and is
Former Facebook monetization manager, Tim Kendall, spoke in the US Congress as part of a hearing on how social networks and other platforms affect the spread of extremism. The person who from 2006 to 2010 managed the development policy of the largest social network in the world, explicitly stated
Microsoft released a video that describes the history of the iconic flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator. It began in 1982, when the first version of the game was born, which was available for IBM PCs. Thanks to it, users were able to make virtual flights on the Cessna 182 over New York,
In the late 60s, a meteorologist whose name still remains classified suggested that the CIA leadership use lightning discharges as a weapon. This would almost completely exclude the possibility of identifying those who use it - that is, US operatives. Physically, this was quite possible, but,
The main difference between the US Navy missile destroyer USS Kidd and its many brethren is that it sometimes sails... under the pirate flag. And this is by no means the whim of the captain or crew of the warship, but an almost 80-year tradition that The Drive recently reported. The destroyer is
An international group of astronomers discovered the previously unknown exoplanet LTT 9779b, belonging to a completely new type of "super-hot Neptune." The first part of its name is explained by its proximity to its star, which is why the temperature on the surface of LTT 9779b exceeds 1700 & nbsp;
Astronomers warn: a mysterious space object is moving towards the Earth, and although it is not dangerous for it, it is likely to fall into the zone of Earth's attraction, enter Earth orbit and become for a short time its "mini-moon." The object, apparently, an asteroid measuring from 6 to 15 m was
This year, the famous motorcycle manufacturer, the Chinese company CFMoto, presented at the Chingqing Moto Expo the most powerful motorcycle in the history of the country - 1250TR-G. CFMoto has been producing engines and motorcycles for many years for the Austrian company KTM Sportmotorcycle AG.
One of the main indicators of the effectiveness of rescue services is the speed of response to an emergency. It was for this that Sonin Hybrid (Atlanta, USA) developed the Recruit quadrocopter, capable of reaching speeds of up to 225 km/h and being in the air for up to three hours. For such a
In Japanese Yokohama, a warm-up presentation of the Gundam robot, built in the image of a popular manga and comic book character, took place. With a height of 20 m and a weight of 25 tons, this is the largest humanoid robot in the world. He will also move almost like a person, which was shown
The Estonian company Skeleton Technologies announced the signing of an agreement of intent with an unnamed automaker, in the framework of which it intends to supply batteries of a new type worth at least a billion euros. The novelty was called simple - SuperBattery. It was developed together with
Recently, Minnesota published statistics on what materials and how much the US funeral industry uses annually. Among them are 3.8 million liters of embalming liquid, 2,700 tons of copper and bronze, 91,440 m of boards, 1.6 million tons of reinforced concrete, 14,000 tons of steel. This means that
Modern tool or stainless steel is created with the addition of chromium and it is believed that this most important invention was made very recently - at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. However, recently scientists from University College in London (UK) received evidence that people learned to
The Idaho National Laboratory at the US Department of Energy, together with Texas A & M University and Clean Core Thorium Energy, began work on introducing a new type of fuel at nuclear power plants. It is called ANEEL (Advanced Nuclear Energy for Enriched Life) and is distinguished by the fact
Today, Microsoft is launching the Project xCloud cloud game service. The platform does not yet have an official name and is still distributed as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate set. At the time of launch, the xCloud will have more than 150 games. For comparison, the Google Stadia project
In the United States, the time of the landmark presidential election is rapidly approaching, in which the further political fate of Donald Trump will be decided. On the eve of this event, the popular Snapchat messenger released a set of election-related tools, among which is the opportunity to
# ing0 #. Chinese video hosting for creating short videos TikTok is one of the most successful Internet projects of recent times, as evidenced by the huge number of its "clones" - Reels, Likee, Kwai, Vigo Video and others. Soon, a new service from YouTube - Shorts will join this company. Beta
The European Space Agency (ESA) has decided to contribute to protecting the Earth from asteroids that could threaten life on our planet. The agency signed a $153 million contract with a consortium led by the German aerospace company OHB. As part of the contract, the company undertakes to develop
The private company Origin Space from Beijing announced the launch of the first spacecraft in this country for the extraction of mineral resources outside the Earth. It is called NEO-1 and will be launched into space in November this year. This is not a mining apparatus, but so far only a scout,
The production studio Space Hero, claiming to be the "first space media company," said that it had booked one place in the SpaceX mission to the ISS in 2023. Her plans are to send the winner of the reality show to the ISS, in which everyone can take part regardless of the country of residence.
After a promising presentation last year of the next brainchild of Elon Mask, the Tesla Cyberquad double quad bike, there was a not completely understandable pause. And some enthusiasts did not wait for the spectacular Cyberquad to be put into production, and took matters into their own hands.
British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin, together with Curv Racing Simulators, released an ultimatum racing simulator AMR-C01. Be prepared for shocks - the price tag for this work of high-tech art starts from 74 thousand dollars. The system is released in a limited series - a total of 150
Last weekend, reports appeared that at the European charging stations Tesla Supercharger, owners of electric vehicles of other brands were "refueled" for free. What is this, a "hole" in Tesla software or a cunning move? The new Tesla Supercharger electric stations use a CCS charger, which opens
This week, the head of the procurement department of the US Air Force, Will Roper, in an exclusive interview with Defense News, said that in the United States, in a situation of deep secrecy, the development and testing of a prototype of an absolutely new fighter, NGAD, was completed. According to
An international team of geologists, glaciologists, cavers, geographers and biologists conducted an expedition to study the deepest known mulenas in Greenland. So called narrow and very deep failures in the ice sheet of this island. The nature of mulenas has not been practically studied, ice at
Robots are increasingly used in stores to perform simple functions - assisting customers, controlling the availability of inventory in the warehouse and mapping the location of goods. The Japanese company Telexicity went further and began testing the Model T. robot product. It is controlled by a
Microsoft successfully completed the second stage of the Project Natick program, raising its experimental underwater data center to the surface. He worked underwater for two years, setting a kind of record. During the first stage, a small and simple module was lowered for only three months, in
Meet Card V. Card is the world's first multi-user bank account. This is an account that many people have access to, and from which you can spend money without investing your own funds. The only snag is that 499 other people have access to it, who are trying to empty it before you do. Here is
Full-frame mirrorless cameras, with all the undeniable advantages as an image, still remain very expensive and heavy due to bulky lenses, which, often, exceed the size of the camera itself. Sony has just proposed a solution to this problem - a compact full-frame mirror-free Alpha 7C camera,
Canon launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance a point-and-shoot handheld camera PowerShot Zoom. The chamber has the shape of a small monocular, which is convenient to control with the help of a thumb. Its dimensions are 33x50x103 mm. Inside is a 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and a combination
To date, there are many sets on the market that allow you to turn a regular bike into an electric bike. Most of them involve the installation of a motor wheel, but there are also unusual solutions. One of them is the Elevate system, which is installed on top of the rear brake disc. Elevate was
The US Department of Energy's National Acceleration Laboratory took the first test pictures to test the new camera and set an unprecedented record. The fact is that the received frame has a fantastic resolution of 3200 megapixels. For example, if you take a picture of the earth's surface from the