Yor - The Hunter From The Future

Yor - The Hunter From The Future

It is before the dawn of time. Strange, savage beasts roam the earth, foraging for human flesh. Fierce tribesmen prey on the weak and innocent. Mystic sacrifices appease the gods. Yor (Reb Brown, Space Mutiny) is the mightiest warrior of his era. But his own past and true identity are shrouded in the mists of time. He knows he doesn't belong in this world, but his only clues to the fleeting memories of his past are the gold medallion around his neck and the beautiful priestess held prisoner in a forbidden city. Armed to the teeth, Yor sets off on a quest, ready to blast away all manner of terrifying creatures along the way.

First time available on Blu-ray!
Featuring BRAND NEW audio commentary with star REB BROWN!

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Comments / reviews:
BOTTOM LINE: Silly dumb space caveman fun. It's awful. It's terrible. It's rotten beyond belief. In short, this movie is all kinds of awesome!!! I'm gonna really go out on a limb here and say that YOR is quite possibly the greatest intergalactic neanderthal movie ever made. (Although Al Adamson's HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS deserves an honorable mention.) And for my money, YOR is a lot more fun than the stodgy Dolph Lundgren "He-Man" movie that stumbled onto movie screens a few years later. YOR belongs right next to your treasured copies of ATOR: THE FIGHTING EAGLE, MEGAFORCE, METALSTORM: THE DESTRUCTION OF JARED SYN, SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE and THE SWORD & THE SORCERER. A terrific 'guy' film, YOR is the perfect “buddies & beers” party flick. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy today! YOR crazy if you don't! 5 STARS

THE STORY: Prehistoric caveman from the distant future(?) battles paper-mГўché dinosaurs, blue-skinned troglodytes, space robots, an Emperor Palpatine wannabe and other assorted bad vibes, in order to impress his hot new girlfriend... and because he's just an upstanding kinda Cro-Magnon guy. Along the way, he attempts to decipher the secret meaning behind the mysterious golden medallion he wears.

THOUGHTS: Based on a novel (and comic adaption) of the same name, YOR comes across like a scrambled mishmash of He-Man, Thundarr the Barbarian and the theatrical Conan movies, with a touch of Sinbad and Turok: Son of Stone tossed in for good measure. Starring none other than TV's two-time Captain America, that star-spangled stallion... Reb Brown! This whacked out movie totally rocks on a “so-bad-it's-great!” level. Sporting a really bad Dollar Tree wig, Reb Brown does the best he can, but appears mostly clueless amidst his wildly over-acting co-stars; most of whom probably couldn’t understand what Reb was saying anymore than he could understand them. Shot on picturesque desert locations in Italy and Turkey, YOR conjures up fond memories of those sweaty sword & sandal spectacles from the 1960’s. Unfortunately, Reb's performance hews much closer to the monosyllabic bargain basement stylings of Mickey Hargitay than the Mount Olympus-level heights of studly-dubbed Steve Reeves. His new gal pal Kalaa resembles a cross between Erin Gray & Adrianne Barbeau, while her pudgy guardian geezer Pag looks like the greasy love child of Jack Elam & former oatmeal spokesman Wilfred Brimley.

If you've never seen this amazing disasterpiece, don't expect to be blown away by A+ acting, stunning cinematography, dynamic direction or first class F/X. Reb Brown has all the warmth of an unlit fireplace log - and his acting skills are equally wooden. Still, for bone-brained fun, YOR rocks. I mean how can you NOT adore a film in which Our Hero, trapped on a high cliff, shoots a man-sized bat out of the sky in mid-flight with a bow & arrow, then bashes its head in with a bowling ball-sized rock and uses the dead body as a makeshift hang glider, in order to sail down to the desert floor below and rescue his beloved!?!? And how about that waaay-killer main theme song?!?! You just know Yor's the baddest caveman in the land when his heroics are sporadically backed by his very own super-cool English-mangling 80's Eurotrash rock band! ("Yor's world! He's the Ma-aan!") Hells yes!! Viva Yor!!! Sadly, there was never a sequel, although they were certainly building up to it during the final act. A real shame... but that just makes YOR all the more precious! Seriously though, YOR truly is goofy old school fun at its brainless best. Family-friendly BONUS: it's nudity free (not counting a couple of unintentional, brief buttcheek peeks glimpsed under flapping loinclothes, (Yor & Kalaa, but thankfully NOT hairy old Pag, LOL)... and only slightly bloody (dinosaur slayings); kinda surprising for an Italian-made film of this type.

THE BLU-RAY: A nice if somewhat minimalist hi-def release from Mill Creek. There doesn't appear to have been any restoration work done to the print but the transfer looks good nonetheless. The focus is sharp and the colors are crisp with no bleeding, as was the case with the older DVD version. Fairly solid blacks & mid-tones. There is some dirt/grit present, especially in the opening & end credits, along with the occasional spot or scratch. Thankfully, film grain is evident throughout as well, indicating mercifully restrained (if at all) application of DNR/Digital Noise Reduction; the overuse of which has ruined many otherwise decent hi-def transfers of older films. The video portion of YOR's transfer contains no artifacting, pixelation or edge enhancement that I could detect, and only minimal crush (video noise) in a few low light scenes. The audio portion is strong & clear and the soundmix is level. Please note: this "35th Anniversary Edition" features the same American cut of the film as the previous barebones DVD from Warner Archives, rather than the longer 2-part Euro version, unfortunately. (Picture is 16x9 formatted, the exact same as the Warner DVD-r.) English subtitles for the deaf & hard of hearing are an option on the 'set-up' screen. Bonus content is limited to just two goodies: a copy of the theatrical trailer and, best of all for YOR fans, a full-length audio commentary from star, Reb Brown! His commentary is somewhat sparse and sorta rambling in spots but then again he IS attempting to recall details of a film made nearly 40 years ago. Thankfully, Reb has no pretenses about what kind of film YOR is. He chuckles continuously throughout his commentary and pokes good-natured MST3K-style fun at the film, and his work in it. He says he had fun shooting the movie, made some good friends in the process and was well-paid for his work. Besides, YOR has gone on to become something of a Z-movie cult film, allowing Reb to generate a little side money by occasionally appearing at sci-fi conventions... so why wouldn't he embrace the wacky madness that is YOR? A nice Blu-ray overall. The quality jump over the older standard-def DVD release alone is reason enough to upgrade/double-dip. Reb's commentary track is just icing on an already silly-sweet cake. Aficionados of low budget action flicks, Italo/post-apoc schlock and cheesy fantasy films should be extremely pleased with this Blu-ray. Recommended.

This it the only movie in existence to feature a caveman using the corpse of a giant bat as a hang-glider. Your argument is invalid.

An attractively-priced, 35-year-old, classic in a time-travelling warrior kinda way.
Get your popcorn---and beverage of choice---and get yer yayas watching a flick
from the pre-BACK TO THE FUTURE daze!

BOTTOM LINE: A really terrible movie - in the best possible way! There's certainly not much else like YOR, before or since. The producers of YOR threw in everything but the kitchen sink, apparently unconcerned as to whether any of it made sense or not. Don't try to figure it out. Just watch the madness - and enjoy! 5 STARS

THE DVD: The standard-def version of YOR is an M.O.D. release (Manufactured On Demand) from Warner Archives, which means it's a DVD-r rather than a traditional mass release DVD. As such, some finicky or older players may have playability issues, but most modern DVD & Blu-ray machines should have no trouble. Video portion of the transfer is fairly crisp, with a strong color palette. Very little dirt & debris, no detectable print damage or artifacting, pixelation or edge enhancement. There IS some minor crush (video noise) in darker scenes. Audio portion is fairly clear, with no audio hiss, pops, drop outs, etc.

Such a fun throwback! Great to see on Blu-ray and with the commentary!

it is so bad it is good! You really have to go at this movie knowing how bad it really is. You, the hero of the piece (Reb Brown) is a very handsome and nicely built hero who finds himself trying to solve the mystery of the pendant around his neck and who he is. First off, never saw such a cheesy blond wig as he wears. Second, the acting is, to say the least bad! Especially by Corinne Clery (you may remember her from James Bond Moonraker, she was much better there. Reb is a 6'3" lean mean fighting machine and the effects are atrocious and so is everything about this BUT I still had a bunch of fun with it.

CHEESY goodness....I remember first seeing this back in 1987 when I was 13 years old my cousin and I rented on VHS from WEST COAST VIDEO anyone remember those stores?...anyway it holds a special place in my heart because my cousin who has since passed made great of fun of it and laughed very hard at certain scenes....im glad they are releasing this on BLURAY day 1 buy for me for sure....the opening scene with the music was extremely hilarious....after the first 5 minutes I knew this gem of a movie would be in my top 5 guilty bad movie pleasures of all time.....thank you MILL CREEK for releasing this on BLURAY.

Finally, this ridiculous intergalactic caveman flick is available in high def!

The transfer is somewhat inconsistent: at some points (especially early in the movie) the sound and visuals are both great, really sharp, light years away from the old battered VHS copy I had growing up. Later in the movie it gets a little muddy and spotty...maybe they didn't have access to cleaner footage?

Reb's commentary is mediocre. He offers up some interesting tidbits (I didn't realize the movie was based on a comic book) but is dead silent for long stretches, and slips into dumb guy-watching-movie lines too easily ("See that pendant I'm wearing...that becomes really important later!") and repeats himself a few times during the length of the movie. That said, he has a very charming-old-man conversational quality to him, so even when he's not saying anything important, it puts a smile on your face.

Definitely the best looking YOR I've ever seen. Bring it to movie night -- preferably with a lot of beer and some sarcastic friends - and you're in for a great time. If you've never seen it, it might be the best bad movie around, and if you're already a dedicated Reb-head, you already know you have to own it anyway.

This is a cheap rip off of Masters of the Universe, and is an entry in the "So bad it's good" genre. While it is very bad, it still has some surprisingly good visual work in areas of the film. The directory has admitted this film was made as a party film. This means the entire process was an excuse to party and get paid for doing something halfway productive. Some of this fun can translate into your viewing of the movie if you don't take it seriously at all. Each scene in the movie is an excuse for Yor to get captured, escape, and flush out the bad guys. It gets a little old, but the lead actor's hilariously inept emotional performance makes the entire thing worthwhile.

This movie is a classic. Quite possibly the best worst movie I have ever seen. I first came across this movie, when it was in the 99 cents bin at my local video store about 25 years ago. It is the best thing I ever spent my allowance on, I still have that VHS tape today. This is a can't miss flick, one of those films that you have to see, just to say that you saw it. From the acting to the "special effects" this film is a must!

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